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15 minutes to complete
4 sets of Bench Press @ 60% of 1 RM
Perform 20 HRPUs immediately following each set of Bench Press.

20 Minute Time Cap
20 Wall Balls 30/20
15 Ring Rows (kipping with your hips is allowed)
60 second rest
400m Run

3 heavy sets of 10 KB Strict Press (per arm), getting progressively heavier.

I finished everything minus one 400m run. 14 lb wallball. Overall I was happy. I was hardly awake at 6am this morning maybe if I would’ve done it later in the day I could have done better? I don’t know.

d7ca2c4d48665992c02e37f79846ee06Sunday Fun Day WOD-

Warm up- The Song “Roxanne” (If you have never done this you start the song, run in place, or do air squats and then every time you hear “Roxanne” Drop and do a burpee!

Emom- 10 Min Bear Complex


11 Rounds For time
Run 800 Meters
10 Burpees

My Time- 67:08

Doing another Wod this afternoon not sure yet what one that will be. Will up date y’all later tho!

2c0f50da1db9ed0d1273e86417511e10Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA we just got back from our Holiday Vacation last Saturday and have been so busy every day since we got back! We decided while we were in Orlando that we were going to set up a home Garage gym and also my best friend will be moving in with us this Friday. So pretty much as soon as we got back we started working on clearing out her room, organizing, putting all the Christmas stuff away and then working on clearing out our garage for our gym! Busy Busy! My husband is making us a box, we have I think everything we need ordered (Amazon Prime! Woooop woooop!) so hopefully by this weekend we can sett everything up and do our first wod in there! 🙂 Pictures coming soon! As for today’s Wod. I left feeling pretty happy. I didn’t RX it but I was still happy with my rounds. I am so SICK of burpees tho! LOL I swear while we were on vacation almost every wod we did had an insane amount of burpees! I can’t catch a break on them! But I have to admit I’m getting pretty fast at them! lol

Today’s WOD

Strength: Within 15 minutes, complete 25 reps of Barbell Lunges in as few sets as possible at 35% of your 1 RM Deadlift. If you do not know your 1 RM Deadlift, use this time to establish it.

15 Minute AMRAP
5 Deadlift 275/185
10 HR Burpees
20 Double Unders (x3 Singles)

Trial run on these… Sit to stand wall balls. Try…. 20 for time @ 20/14.

I did 7 Plus 13 – My weight was 105 for Deadlifts, I did some dubs and some singles


I can not believe that Christmas is days away! The last couple months have flown by! I have to pack at some point. And do laundry so I can pack. And clean. Geeez too much to do. So the past few days have been all about partner fun! Friday was a partner wod I was glad b/c it was my last workout with my friend Megan before she left for her Christmas Vacation. We kicked butt of course b/c we are pretty awesome 😉 And then yesterday was another partner wod that I got to do with my husband and again did pretty bad ass due to another awesome partner! Well really the best partner ever 😉 Today is a mystery we wont know the WOD until we show up. Last Sunday it was a partner wod and It made my legs non usable for days. lol So I hope this Sunday is just as good! OHHH And I can’t forget to tell ya’ll!!! We are going to do a WOD New Years Eve!!! A box in Orlando (We’ll be there visiting family for the holidays) will be hosting a midnight wod! I’m so excited! I hope it’s a gooooooood HARD one! I’ve been trying to keep up with boxes in Orlando b/c I knew we would have to hit them up while we are there. We have now less than 2 month until the Garage games so this is not the time to take a ton of time off. This is crunch time!

Fridays WOD-

20 Minute EMOM: 3 Sumo Deadlift High-Pull

WOD: Partner WOD
10 Minute AMRAP:
10 Ball Slams (30/20)
10 Double Unders (40 singles)
10 Burpees
Partners alternate rounds

3 Minute Hold of Front Plank

Megan and I got 8 Plus 22 RX

Saturday’s WOD

I did the fundamentals class at 830- Worked on kipping, pull ups, T2b, did a mini wod and then relaxed a little bit in between classes until my husband got there, when he got there we ran a mile before the class started (I really have to work on my running for Feb!) Then then the next class started at 10. Saturday is my long day at the gym. And I’m not gonna lie. I love it.

WOD: Team Strongman

1 member works while the other rests
50 Stone-2-Shoulder
50 Deadlift (225/165)
10 Tire Flips
50 Clean and Jerk (135/95)
50 Meter Prowler Push
50 Meter Farmer’s Carry

Brian and I finished in 19:15 S

Sunday Fun Day WOD- Coming soon!


e3ca4cfd71579e8c145f00a35b5ca210Okay its 530am and I am about ot head out the door to go rock out this WOD and may I add it is sooooo cold! I’m starting to wonder if I still live in SC or if I’m back in upstate Ny?!? It’s 35 out and of course there is a mile run at the start of the wod and one at the end. I not only hate running (But do need to work on it so I can’t complain to much about that part) But I hate hate hate hate more then anything the cold! lol I’m only two months away from competing for the first time at the Garage games so I cant slack and get back into bed and stay there all day! Okay enough complaining from me for today on to today’s WOD-

20 Minute EMOM: Hang Clean

Buy-In: Run 1 Mile
5 Rounds for Time of:
10 Push Press (95/65)
10 OH Lunge Steps (95/65)
Cash Out: Run 1 Mile

20 Meter Handstand Walk


Morning everyone!! I’m getting ready to go rock out today’s WOD nice and early! I really love my 6Am class and today is one of the only days this week I’m getting to do it!

10-8-6-4-2 Reps of: Thruster

8 rounds for each movement
20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest
Double Unders
Ball Slams (30/20)
Air Squats

25 GHD Sit Ups