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It’s the exercise everyone loves to hate. Buck Furpees, as the not-so-elegant saying goes. Burpees are a simple, straightforward movement. Drop down to the ground in a pushup position, chest and thighs to the floor. Get back up to a standing position in the most efficient, fastest way possible. Jump a few inches in the air with your arms over your head. Repeat. Nothing flashy, nothing complicated. So why all the hate? In my opinion, burpees have been given an unjust reputation. The benefits far outweigh the discomforts. And with 14.4 just round the corner, I have a sneaky suspicion our old friend will be making an appearance. So, to get out in front of the infamous exercise, here are 5 reasons we should learn to love the burpee.

1-The burpee is simple.
I already alluded to this above, but it’s worth some extra reinforcement. No bars, no weights (unless you wanted to wear a weighted vest…yikes), you can carry the burpee with you wherever you go. The burpee is built on straightforward movement standards that a massive range of people can do, and its simple to scale for those who don’t have it yet. Exercise in its purest form, people.

2-Burpees ARE functional fitness.
Can you think of a major muscle group that isn’t utilized in the execution of a burpee? Your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings and abs will all be called into action with every rep, and after a few of the suckers you’re body is going to start feeling like lead. Given that you are required to use your entire body weight to hit a burpee, the movement can be defined as a high-load, high-rep (if programmed as such) exercise. Which is great news, because findings from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning research has shown that high-rep and high-load exercises are effective at increasing muscular endurance.

3-Burpees will boost your anaerobic capacity.
Anaerobic is a word coming from the Greek word “αναερόβιος” which literally means living without air. Sound familiar? Anaerobic exercises are high intensity, short duration (1-2 minutes)-think of a 100m sprint. Now, if you are attacking your burpees with high intensity (easier said than done, I know), you will not only reap the benefits through muscular endurance (as mentioned above), but your lung capacity, heart health and ability to work faster/harder in a shorter amount of time will be significantly increased.

4-Burpees are great for weight loss.
As has been mentioned numerous times, burpees are a full-body exercise, intense exercise that shoots your heart rate up, resulting in large caloric expenditure. In fact, burpees burn up to 50% more fat than conventional strength training, and better yet, they will increase your metabolism for the rest of the day, long after you’ve finished throwing up from them.

5-Burpees are versatile, and they make you think.
Burpee muscle-ups, burpee box jumps, burpee pull-ups, burpee toes-to-bar, burpee…the list goes on. And, you can combine them in with any workout that needs another piece of equipment. Any.
Lastly, the burpee really does make you think. In the midst of the lung-burning, acid-building, vomit-inducing burpee workout, your mind tends to wonder and ask yourself just why exactly you are putting yourself through such misery. When you finally finish, and get that post-wod elation 30 minutes later, you have your answer. Over time, when you see the results in your performance and in your appearance, you’ll know for sure.

And, like me, you may just come to love the burpee.

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Posted: January 21, 2014 in New To this! :)

Think I’m gonna try this tomorrow!!! 🙂 Thanks for the Wod Sheepdog CF! 🙂

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50 reps for time of:


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So we are still busy busy busy getting our Garage gym sett up! Saturday is the magic day that it should be done! Here is yesterday’s WOD and today’s WOD. Yesterday’s killed my legs! It didn’t help that even though we worked out the whole time we were on vacation we never really did a hard leg day. So I’m feeling it today. lol

Yesterday’s WOD

Skill/Strength: 15 Minutes of Pistol practice. Work on your scaled Pistols or if you already have Pistols, work on your weighted Pistols. Work up to your 3 RM KB Pistols (per leg).

4 Minute EMOM
2 Squat Clean 205/135 ascending by 2 reps each minute
1 Minute Rest
10 Minute AMRAP (ascending by 1 rep each round)
1 Front Squat 135/95
1 Box Over 24/20
Score for the wod will be total reps for the EMOM/Rounds+reps for the AMRAP.

30 GHD Sit-ups

I finally can do pistols with my right leg!!! Woooop woooooop! Not at all with my left leg. 😦 I got 14 for the emom and 8 plus 15 for the Amrap.

Today’s WOD

Strength: In 15 Minutes complete 25 reps in as few sets as possible of Bench Press, weight is based on your 70% of your 1 RM Bench Press. If you do not know your 1 RM Bench Press, use this time to work up to it.

20 Minute Time Cap
300m Run
20 HRPUs
10 Single Side T2B (total)
*Single Side T2B are performed with your hands in a close grip on the bar. When you bring your feet to the bar you will touch both feet to one side of your hands then bring them back down before touching them to the bar again on the opposite side of your hands. For today’s WOD you will touch your feet to each side of your hands 5 times per round.

15 Board Air Squats. The more on your heels you are, the more difficult they get! Heels on the board, toes off the floor.

A couple Progress Pics of our Garage. It doesn’t look like much has been done unless you would have seen it to start with. But I swear alot has been done!


3.2.1- GO!

I workout to be healthy, To be strong, I workout to be able to see my body do things I never thought I could do. Having goals and hitting PR’s is one of the greatest feelings, being able to RX a WOD for the first time, Or beat your last “Jackie” time. There is just no other feeling like it! Working out for me is not only Physical it’s Mental also. It’s been something that my husband and I have re bonded doing and it has made us an even stronger couple and I didn’t even know that was possible.

CH-Santa-Weight-Lifting-002So I just thought I would make a Christmas list to Santa. You know just in case! 🙂 I feel like everyday I come home from the gym with another crossfit idem on my list of things I feel like I need. lol Did y’all make a list to Santa? And if you did how much crossfit stuff was on there?!?

Santa I’ve been very good this year. These are just a few of the things I would love to see under the tree 🙂

1. New wrist straps! I’ve lost one pair and I am borrowing my friends I would love some pretty new ones. I’m sure they would help me with all my lifts. il_570xN.421866290_rrda

2. Reebok Nano Speeds! If its possible for something to help with lifting AND running I need these! Just saying!reebok_custom_shoes_nano_speed_thumb

3. A Bar. Please. Pretty Please. I need to work on Overheads and Snatches, Oh and cleans, Hang Cleans, Back Squats, Do I keep going on? I think its pretty obvious I need one. lol bella-bar-h1_3

4. Well If I get a bar. You know the next thing I would LOVE is some Bumper Plates! hi-temp-bumpers-h2

5. Chalk! I would love my own chalk so I don’t have to venture to the one bucket we have at our box when I’m on the opposite side of the room! primo-chalk-32-oz.-loose-web-h1

6. A pull up bar! Please. Pretty Please.. I’m not even going to ask for a super fancy one this one would make this girl pretty happy!!! 152-p5v-pullup-system-web-h1

7. Def need a medicine ball! Who doesn’t need to work on Wall balls? Right? 124-dynamax-medball-web-h1

8. A Box! I love love box jumps! And I really need to practice to get bounding and increase my jump height! I think it only makes sense that one of these are under the tree this year! wood-plyo-box-web-h1_1

9. A new Shaker bottle Mine is on its last leg of life! rogue-bottle-web-h1

10. PROGENEX! If you want to leave me a year supply I would be okay with that 😉 And if you could make it Peanut Butter I would be realllllly okay with that! Well and maybe with some Java Mocha mixed in. But really I’m not going to be picky. Any would make me very happy! 1391931_460944440693645_870292844_n

11. And this is the last thing I will ask for this year.. And I think what I want most… A Pull up with no Band and more then one Muscle up with the Black band. Please. Pretty Please. I mean, I have been really good all year! 😉 images (1)

“For every one good article on CrossFit there’s five negatives. (What) would you say to all them CrossFit haters that are out there?” – ESPN employee

“They’re probably not doing CrossFit.” – Rich Froning