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So yea this picture is pretty dead on to how I felt last night you just have to add in thrusters to the mix. 14.5 was BRUTAL! I had to go in last night and just knock it out because I just could not stop thinking about this one and it was driving me crazy. I knew I had to finish it had no time limit so it was finish or quit. You don’t quit. Not if you can get that bar up over your head. Well it ended up taking me 24:35 so under 30 I was really happy with my time. Well I was really happy I finished. Around the set of 9 I started feeling very sick. :/ The set of 9 and 6 were so hard and I’m pretty sure If my coach was not in my face pushing me and coaching me on what to do every last step of the way I don’t know if I could have finished it. I’m very grateful for him. When the last set of 3 came I was able to push out the last 3 Fast and the last 3 burpees fast! I think I amazed ppl that were watching me about to pass out that I all of a sudden got that push to finish that fast. But its 3 the faster I finished the faster I was done with this horrible workout! If you have not done it yet. Good luck. It really might not be as bad if 65 is a lighter weight for you. For me it was not. I had never even done one thruster at 65! And I still don’t think I’m ready for 65. 55 for now. But on a happy note I’m not very sore today. Last night I could hardly move so I was thinking this morning might not be so much fun but I feel pretty great. So hello Garage gym today! 😀 Please let me know how y’all did at 14.5! And If you still have not did it good luck!!!!



I would be lost without these girls!




14.4 has been done and submitted and verified. It did not go 100% the way I thought it would go but I’m still happy with it. I got 97 reps and did not make it past T2B. I did have a total of 50 almost reps but I don’t care about almost reps so I got 37 good reps of T2B and now know I need to start working on them more. I wanted to get to the wall balls so bad! That is the one think I knew I could knock out not problem at all. I wouldn’t say I love wall balls but I have practiced them and done Karen (150 wallballs) enough times that I’m good at them. But it is what it is and I pretty had a very good feeling I was going to get stuck at T2B. 😦 And that’s okay. After my hands heal they will be getting practiced often! I will get kipping for them!

How did 14.4 go for ya’ll and What did you think about it? I love chippers to start with and I had no issue with the fact there was a rower or muscle ups at the end. First of all in my opinion the Muscle ups were last and if you made it that far then why not have todo those to get your score up? This is a competition to find the fittest in the world right? And I have to agree with Dave Castro that it is a basic movement of crossfit. Maybe everyone doesn’t have it but to go to regional’s I think you should have it. After you get pull ups who doesn’t start working on Muscle ups next? After knees to elbow you start trying for toes to bar. Just because you can not do it right way doesn’t make it not a basic movement. When you start crossfit I don’t think you have all the movements right away even the basic ones. I know I didn’t even have T2B until 3 months ago? Maybe 4? But it’s still a basic movement and can be scaled in a wod just like the muscle up. With the open there is no scaling and before you sign up you know this. Every workout is what it is and if you try your hardest then that’s what counts. Saying I can’t is just not part of crossfit in my opinion. There have been movements every week that I didn’t think I could do that I ended up getting PR’s with and I know without the open I would have never tried a 65lb overhead anytime soon and b/c I did 10 I know that now that there no reason I shouldn’t be doing more than a 35lb bar. I have had a great time with the open and can not wait to see how much I improve next year! And I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions and respect whatever any of y’all think 🙂


This is a great read if you are doing the open! I found this on

*Author’s note: These tips apply to athletes who are serious about posting the best score possible (and/or aiming to qualify for Regionals). If the CrossFit Open is simply a fun challenge for you, then just have fun and hit the workout with your community and friends!

1. Don’t re-adjust your weights or collars! This one drives me insane. Have you ever caught yourself readjusting your plates and/or collars when they are completely fine? This is a mental break/weakness that you need to resist. If your plates are literally falling off the bar, that’s one thing, but a few inches away from the collar is NOT a reason to stop and retighten everything.
I’ve seen athletes waste up to 5 seconds a rep re-tightening their weights. In the case of the snatch ladder, this can mean up to 2 minutes of lost time!

2. You don’t need more chalk! You know who you are. Every time you go to pick up a barbell or jump to the pull up bar, you run to the chalk bucket to lather your hands in the white stuff. We see this often in athletes who are uncomfortable with chest to bar, snatches, and toes to bar. Trust me… the extra chalk isn’t going to magically make you a bodyweight ninja. Push through your mental block and get yourself up to 60 seconds of extra reps!

3. You’re not going to die of thirst! Oh you’re thirsty? I’m sorry… I thought you wanted to prove how ELITE your fitness is. Unless the workout is a 24-hour AMRAP — which is completely possible — you don’t need to drink any water during your WOD. Resist the urge to grab your water bottle and get yourself 20-80 seconds of extra reps!

4. Shirts or skins … not both! Do you start the workout with your shirt on only to remove it part way through? I’m not sure what you think is going to happen. Maybe you think you look like the hulk or that everyone will be impressed by your “Otter” tattoo, but removing your shirt in the middle of a workout is a solid way to cost yourself 5-15 precious seconds.

5. Plan on hitting them twice. Unless you’re a consistent Top 15 Regional level athlete, you better plan on hitting these workouts 2-3 times. Is this healthy? Heck NO! But we’re not concerned about health here. This is a sport and competing in a sport means dealing with some pain, discomfort, and an increased risk of injury. You can gain up to 10% on your score through experiencing how the workout “feels” and improving your game plan the second and third time through.


So I did my first open wod last night. I got to the box about a half hour early to practice to see just how bad the double unders were gonna suck. And don’t get me wrong they did suck. But no matter how I did on the wod it didn’t matter because in that half hour before the wod I got double unders!!!! It was so exciting!!!! A girl at the box I’m at for the week was watching me she came over and said keep your shoulders up and core strong. Of course I was sure I have done this already and it did not work. Nothing works. I was never gonna get double unders that’s just how that was gonna be. Double Single Double Single that was gonna be what I could do. Well I tried what she said anyways even tho I swear I have before, and how would this work anyways when I have had so many people tell me so many things about double unders to try to help me? Two simple things she said. I grabbed my rope, lifted my shoulders up, tightened my core and jumped. And I got 3 doubles. WHAT!?!?! I had to run across the gym to thank her and then pray that I didn’t lose them the next try! lol The next try I got 8! Hello Double unders! Who knew something so small could be so exciting! Now I don’t think this really helped me with the wod. Maybe alittle bit but they still killed me and under the pressure of everyone watching and being judged I could only do 3 max strung together. But like I said It didn’t matter because I was leaving the gym with a new PR something I wanted so bad for so long. So on to the open WOD I got 3 Rounds Plus 24. Not bad. I was hoping for at least 2 full rounds so 3 plus was good for me. Now I’m excited to see what the next Open WOD will be! I wish we didn’t have wait a week to find out! lol

Have any of y’all done the first wod yet? And How Did it go? Share!!! 🙂

Anyone else get Double unders for the first time because of this workout? It’s amazing how one workout can push you to do something you never could do!

Well YaYYY for the first workout being out and not yay for the double unders!!! LOL the one thing I have not worked on! The last 3 months have been consumed by Garage Games WODs.  I have improved in my Squats, Burpees, Box Jumps, Wall Balls,KBS,Cleans,SquatCleans,Push Ups and Deadlifts. But not double unders! Eeeeek. I can do them just not connected so at the very least I should be able to get at least one full round hoping for more like 2 to 3 rounds. The Snatch part of the open is really just ground to over head. It doesn’t matter how you do it so I don’t know why they call it a snatch. Even tho I can do a 55lb snatch I think I will be clean and jerking it. 55lbs should be pretty easy! And yes I’m gonna go with the most easy effective way to knock those out since the double unders will consume alot of my time.  I’m doing the wod tonight. I wish it was Sunday or even Monday AM but I will deal. Crossfit is about being able to adapt and tackle any situation. So bring it on! I took yesterday off, well it was a active rest day. I ran and worked on my double unders (I had all intentions of working on them all week while I was in Orlando I had no idea they would be in the first wod! lol I just knew I needed to get them! That and I’m still working on my running! I’m sick of being the slowest one at our gym! So weakness’s are going to get tackled and demolished!) But anyways where I was going with yesterday was I took it off b/c the wod the day before (If you don’t remember it was 100 rounds for time- Clean, Push Press,Front rack Lunge Right Leg, Front Rack Lunge Left Leg) Yea That killed me! I don’t think my butt has ever EVER been so sore. So it was either take the day off so I would be more ready for today or go yesterday and pray my body wouldn’t be toast for the open wod today! I think I made the right choice! Okay I have to get off here and get ready for today!

What are y’alls thoughts on the first open wod? I think its a good one. Not to hard so everyone should be able to get reps. Even if you dont have double unders (Like me!) I can still get them just not together. I will just do one pause and then do another. And I think the 55lbs is very do able.

If you have done it before how do you feel about the repeate? I think its a good thing b/c I like redoing wod and seeing my improvement but I know some people feel different I would love to hear y’alls thoughts on it.


Today’s Wod was a good one! I started with (Or should I say I wanted to start with 55) But what I started with was 65. My coach asked me to show him a round with the 55 and I thought if anything he was going to have me go lighter. Well after he watched he told me to start with 65! I looked at him like he was crazy but went and got the fives and powered though 50 rounds before I had to drop down to 55. My time was 48:50 and I could not move when I was done. lol. But it did feel great and this was all stuff I need to work on. The First open Wod comes out tomorrow!!! I’m so nervous there’s going to be some movement that I wont be able todo. But I will rock out whatever it is and put everything I have into it.

Question of the day!?!

Are you doing the Open? If you are have you done it before?!