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Morning how is everyone doing?! We have been pretty busy but here are our wod’s from the last few days even with some pics! 😀

Did y’all do a Special wod for 9/11?

And any new PR’s?! I finally hit the 200’s for my deadlifts so that was pretty exciting!


So yea this picture is pretty dead on to how I felt last night you just have to add in thrusters to the mix. 14.5 was BRUTAL! I had to go in last night and just knock it out because I just could not stop thinking about this one and it was driving me crazy. I knew I had to finish it had no time limit so it was finish or quit. You don’t quit. Not if you can get that bar up over your head. Well it ended up taking me 24:35 so under 30 I was really happy with my time. Well I was really happy I finished. Around the set of 9 I started feeling very sick. :/ The set of 9 and 6 were so hard and I’m pretty sure If my coach was not in my face pushing me and coaching me on what to do every last step of the way I don’t know if I could have finished it. I’m very grateful for him. When the last set of 3 came I was able to push out the last 3 Fast and the last 3 burpees fast! I think I amazed ppl that were watching me about to pass out that I all of a sudden got that push to finish that fast. But its 3 the faster I finished the faster I was done with this horrible workout! If you have not done it yet. Good luck. It really might not be as bad if 65 is a lighter weight for you. For me it was not. I had never even done one thruster at 65! And I still don’t think I’m ready for 65. 55 for now. But on a happy note I’m not very sore today. Last night I could hardly move so I was thinking this morning might not be so much fun but I feel pretty great. So hello Garage gym today! 😀 Please let me know how y’all did at 14.5! And If you still have not did it good luck!!!!



I would be lost without these girls!


Well hello 14.5! We all knew it was going to be thrusters and burpees so really no surprise there. But now the no time limit. That’s a whole different story. 14.5 is for time. That means if you don’t finish it’s because you quit. I will not quit. Now that being said I wonder how long it will take me to do this wod! I did thursters not very long ago at 55 and they were not easy so… I guess we will see.. How do y’all feel about it? I would say my favorite thing is the burpees only because I feel like they are more mental and I’ll be able to keep throwing myself down. Now throwing that weight up over my head 80 plus times. I’m more concerned about that and I really hope I don’t run into a road block were I just can’t get it up. Fingers crossed. I’m hoping that I will be able to do this wod Sunday that way I can give my hands today and tomorrow still to heal as much as they are going to. If I am able to do that I think I will do Karen again today (150 Wallballs) Maybe that will be my Friday Wod. I’m determined to get my time under 10 minutes 😀 So until that happens it will be a regular wod. I ordered a 16lb wall ball over two weeks ago from Amazon but as of a few day’s ago it still had not shipped so we just canceled the order and I have to find a different one to order. It should not take that long to ship a idem. I think. Okay I have to get stuff done around the house and play with the baby before nap time. I would love to hear what y’all think of 14.5!!! 🙂


Yup slacking again! Ugh. Need. To. Stop. Slacking! Here are my workouts for the past few days!

Friday’s WOD

Karen- 150 WallBalls for time

Took me 12:21 14lb WB

Saturday’s WOD


Front Squats and Back Squats


10 Thrusters
1 Box Jump
9 Thrusters
2 Box Jumps
8 Thrusters
3 Box Jumps
7 Thrusters
4 Box jumps
6 Thrusters
5 Box jumps
5 Thrusters
6 Box Jumps
4 Thrusters
7 Box jumps
3 Thrusters
8 Box jumps
2 Thursters
9 Box jumps
1 Thruster
10 Box jumps

Took me 14:40 (Had to switch out weight in the start) Started with 55 and went down to 35. I could have done more then 35 or even 55 (55 would have taken me a minute to finish but I could’ve done it) But I wanted to go light so my legs could function for the Open Wod on Sunday.

Sunday’s WOD

The Open Chipper!!!

97 reps

Monday’s WOD

150 Abmat Situps for time (My husband and I are going to do this at the same time and see who can do them faster!)

And yay everything is up to date now! 🙂


Today was the day I had to pull up my big girl panties and just do it! lol. I really didn’t think I would be able to finish this one. I had to scale my bar to the women’s 35 pound bar and use a green band for my pull ups. Pull ups went okay. Thrusters did not. My partner kept saying you can do it, you can do it and all I could say was.. I really don’t think I can! I hate saying I cant but today It felt impossible. But in the end I pushed up my last one (thanks to my amazing partner pushing me and motivating me so much!) and finished strong with the rower. My time was 10:50 so hopefully next time we do Jackie frontwards or backwards I can beat that time. And who knows maybe not do everything scaled. Now time to get this house cleaned before my hair apt. at two. Who’s excited for the crossfit games to start tomorrow?!? I can’t wait!!! I feel like such a dork but I really don’t care! lol

Bench Press
5 x 40%
5 x 50%
3 x 60%
5 x 75%
3 x 85%
1+ x 95%

For Time:
30 x Pull Ups
50 x Thrusters (45)
Row 1000 meters

25 x GHD Sit Ups