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Morning everyone! Here are our wod’s from the last couple days! Its been a fun 5 days and now its time for our two days off and they are well earned! But now what to do on our rest days?

What are some of y’all s fav things to do on your rest days?!?



LOL! I am not doing Fran today because that is def not a active rest day wod but when I saw that it made me laugh so I thought I would share. That would be a rest day fail for sure.

Today’s WOD (Active Rest Day)

Run 1 mile
50 Double Unders (200 Singles)
Run 800 M
50 Double Unders (200 Singles)
400m Run
50 Double Unders (200 Singles)


Yup! That about sum’s it up for me today. I’m on day two of resting my back from 14.3. I didn’t hurt it per say but I did make it mad so I’m doing my best to get it back on my side and happy with me again. So that might mean even another rest day tomorrow. Siggghhh. My Bella bar and weights came from Rouge yesterday and all I want to do is rip in to the boxes and use my new bar! I have a new wall ball that will be here any day and I want to do Karen as soon as it get’s here. I want to run (well wait, I don’t want to run but I need to run) I want to work on my pullups my purple band came today and I’m so close to unassisted pullups! Sighhhh So much I want to do and all I can do is sit here with it all going though my mind and then new things popping up also! And then of course I have 14.4 that will be here before I know it.

How do y’all fee about rest days and how do you program them into your workout week? I know they are important and we always take them but I try not to take them in a row for this reason. I feel like I will go crazy. lol



Happy Tuesday everyone!!!! Here’s my last couple wod’s. Hard to keep up while I’m in Orlando but we are heading back to SC today so it will be easier and I will have more time on here! Saturdays wod was a good one! I was really happy with all the wods this week lots of barbell work and I needed that. I also got my double unders, snatched more than I ever had before. So overall it was a good week.

Saturdays’s WOD


I can not remember what my time was with this one but I did push hard to finish. I did my first Round at 35lbs, 2nd at 55, 3erd 60lbs and 4th at 65lbs.

Sunday was my Sunday Fun day Rest day.





Monday’s WOD

16626_675669312490633_1946689590_n (1)

I got less then I did friday. I completed 3 full rounds. Friday I did 3 plus 24. But in my defence I was practicing double unders all weekend and my legs were shot by Monday! I get getting whipped by the rope!

Tuesdays WOD


I did this one in 30:31 I was really happy with my time! I did 14/65 I love wall balls! I know that’s Odd to hear but I practiced them so much before the garage games that I got pretty good at them. Now when you add those cleans into it its a whole different situation! LOL It killed me! If you add it up its 150 wallballs and 150 cleans. And then 100 abmatt situps to end with.

Now that I’m home I should be able to keep up with this much better!!! I’m taking today and tomorrow off and will be back at it again Friday!!!

Okay so the Garage games are in 4 days! Here are the wod’s and the standards. My arm is I would say almost healed. Enough that I will be fine Saturday. I feel like I could have trained harder the last 2 week’s if my arm didn’t decided it wanted to get shingles but it is what it is. We did our final run through of the Wod’s yesterday and today officially starts our rest days!!! I can not remember the last time we have had 3 whole days off in a row!!! Its crazy! We have 90 minute massages booked for Thursday in our house! So no stress of finding a babysitter and the guy we found had a million AMAZING reviews so fingers crossed he is that good. And he has experience with crossfitters so hopefully he can fix our bodies as much as possible in a 90 minute time span. We have been eating so healthy, Cut out wine and beer and have been getting lots of sleep. Or as much as Bryden will let us get ๐Ÿ˜‰ So hopefully we will be ready!!! So Wish us luck and The next blog will be about how we did at the games!!!! WOOOOOOP WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP! Oh and any advise from anyone who has competed before is VERY welcome!!!





PS- The flag was flipped the right way the next day. We didn’t realize we had it the wrong way and out of 5 different military ppl who looked at our pics and our gym no one noticed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ We felt really bad.


Yesterday’s WOD was the nail in the coffin. This past week has been so leg intensive! I have to take today off and I think I’m going to take tomorrow off also give my body a chance to recover! But I am going to run today. No slacking with the running. Hopefully I can improve it a little bit before Feb. 14th! Fingers crossed! Right now I’m pretty sure I’m the slowest person at our gym. Anyways. On to the WOD.

1000 Class Time Today.
Happy MLK Day!

15 Minutes to establish your 1 RM Box Jump for height.

15 Minute Time Cap
100 Back Squat 75/55
50 Front Squat 75/55
25 OHS 75/55

50 Double Unders

I did the Wod in 13:47 S. I was so happy I finished I really thought that I wasn’t even going to finish the back squats!

After the Wod my husband and I ran a mile also. I forgot to check the time so I’m not sure how that went other then it was cold and not fun.

Later yesterday we went for a nice walk also ๐Ÿ™‚