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We got home Saturday night from vacation and we both feel so refreshed! We had a great time. Our cruise was great. We ate a lot less than what we normally would, worked out three times (We never workout on vacation) so this vacation was a little different than past ones. We had some great family time when we got back to Orlando. We had our Thanksgiving early so we could all be together, my husband and I went to see Avenged Sevenfold (One of our favorite bands) and we went to Universal (My dad works there so he was able to get us all in for free!) We also did do our 300 Burpee challenge. I did mine 2 times, first on the boat and then b/c Brian hurt his knee and couldn’t do them on the boat I did them again with him off the boat later in the week. Burpees suck and they really suck if you do them alone. 1383904_578220785565843_641371992_n







Oh and I can not forget to tell y’all about the new cafe we found! It’s called first watch, and of course we don’t have one in SC right now but if you have one close to you I recommend going there! They are only open from 8am-230 breakfast and lunch. And they are soooo GOOD! Everything is clean and they have so many healthy yummy things! Brian’s Grandma brought us there and after that we went 2 more times!




Okay on to today’s WOD- I could tell I was on vacation for 2 weeks that’s for sure! This should not have been as hard as it was! :/ I had 3 rounds plus 34. Scaled. I couldn’t get the ring push ups. (It was the first time I had ever done them in my defense. So I used my box and did them that way.)

Today’s WOD

15 Minute EMOM
2 Thrusters

12 Minute AMRAP:
10 x Ring Push Ups
15 x Box Jumps (30/24)
20 x Squats

25 x GHD Sit Ups


We just got back from our cruise yesterday. It was sad! 😦 But on the plus side we already started planning our next cruise and we are still on vacation until Saturday. Here’s a small preview and just a small post. My husband really want’s to stay computer free this last part of our vacation also. We had a great time, did crossfit, made our own WOD one day on the boat and I knocked out the 300 burpee Challenge! I managed to do it in just under one hour! 59:14! My husband had hurt his knee half way and was not happy that he could not finish so he will be doing his later this week and I will be doing them again! :/ Its so much easier if you have someone doing them with you and I wont let him do them by himself. That’s alot of burpees! We found a couple different boxes to check out while were in Orlando also so I’m excited about that ohhh and AX7 on Wednesday!!!!! I cant wait Avenged Sevenfold is one of our favorite bands!!!! πŸ˜€ Okay everyone my husband is giving me a not nice look! Time to get off the computer! IMG_0380






Okay everyone this will be my last post until we get back from our vacation! We are not the people who go on vacation and still get on the computer, text, Facebook and so on. We get on the boat and that’s it no phone, no computer, no real life. Well other than checking in with my parents to check on our son. But that’s it! I should have lots of good pictures both crossfit and non crossfit related when we get back. I think I have a pretty good amount of workouts all lined up for us (And I’m so excited to bring My BF Lindsay to her first crossfit class while we are in Orlando!!! I know she’ll love it! Or I hope! lol) so hopefully we wont be to out of it when we get back.


Today’s WOD was a good one to leave on. It kicked my butt and I’m really not sure if I will be able to walk for the first couple days of our vacation! LOL. When I saw the WOD last night of course it was one of those “That doesn’t look so bad” “It looks kinda easy” You would think I would learn at some point that if I think that it will be the opposite! 300 meters of walking lunges is NOT easy! I didn’t think It was ever ever ever going to get to the end! :/ But finally I did finish at 18:50. Oh and did everyone watch the crossfit games??!! My husband and I stayed up past our bedtimes to watch! πŸ™‚

Today’s WOD


Front Squat
5 x 40%
5 x 50%
3 x 60%
5 x 75%
3 x 85%
1+ x 95%

For Time:
Run 800 meters w/Med Ball (20/14)
300 meter walking lunge

30 x Sit-2-Stands


300 Burpees on vacation? Yep that’s what were doing! Well that and going to the box in St.Thomas. My husband was excited about St. Thomas, I mean he gets a shirt, gets to do crossfit, and gets to be able to say he did crossfit in St. Thomas. Now when I just told him about the burpees on the boat. Not quite as excited. lol. But this is what happen. It was said that if our Box got 300 likes on their facebook page all the coaches would do 300 burpees for time. Well this happened this week and they did their burpees last night. Well today it was posted “The challenge is open for everyone!” Well if you do crossfit and you have a box you go to regularly what are you going to do when you see that? Not do it? I don’t think so! And b/c we are leaving tomorrow for Orlando and Saturday for our Cruise I figured the perfect place to knock this out would be on the boat! πŸ˜€ So yep I said we would do it and do it on our cruise. So when we get home I will let y’all know what our times were! I’m wondering where a good place will be on the boat. Any Idea’s? I think our room will be to small for both of us.