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Morning everyone! Here are our wod’s from the last couple days! Its been a fun 5 days and now its time for our two days off and they are well earned! But now what to do on our rest days?

What are some of y’all s fav things to do on your rest days?!?





Morning how is everyone doing?! We have been pretty busy but here are our wod’s from the last few days even with some pics! πŸ˜€

Did y’all do a Special wod for 9/11?

And any new PR’s?! I finally hit the 200’s for my deadlifts so that was pretty exciting!

Today’s wod should be pretty nice to my hands πŸ™‚ Other then the strength but I’m going to wear my grips and tape my hands so hopefully that will not really bother them either.


Back Squat & Front Squats (Doing a 8 week program with both back and front squats and I’m the 4th week)

15 Minute AMRAP
20 Stationary Reverse Lunges
20 Box Jumps 20 (for all)
20 AMSUs


Yup slacking again! Ugh. Need. To. Stop. Slacking! Here are my workouts for the past few days!

Friday’s WOD

Karen- 150 WallBalls for time

Took me 12:21 14lb WB

Saturday’s WOD


Front Squats and Back Squats


10 Thrusters
1 Box Jump
9 Thrusters
2 Box Jumps
8 Thrusters
3 Box Jumps
7 Thrusters
4 Box jumps
6 Thrusters
5 Box jumps
5 Thrusters
6 Box Jumps
4 Thrusters
7 Box jumps
3 Thrusters
8 Box jumps
2 Thursters
9 Box jumps
1 Thruster
10 Box jumps

Took me 14:40 (Had to switch out weight in the start) Started with 55 and went down to 35. I could have done more then 35 or even 55 (55 would have taken me a minute to finish but I could’ve done it) But I wanted to go light so my legs could function for the Open Wod on Sunday.

Sunday’s WOD

The Open Chipper!!!

97 reps

Monday’s WOD

150 Abmat Situps for time (My husband and I are going to do this at the same time and see who can do them faster!)

And yay everything is up to date now! πŸ™‚


Soooo my normal Thursday night consists of watching the clock tick by waiting for the 8 o’clock announcement about the open! When 730 hits I swear time stands still. lol Well anyways when this wod was announced I was pretty excited! Deadlifts are my thing! Iv’e been told now a couple times about my really good form and I love box jumps! I started using the 24 inch box for most of the wods I do even if it only calls for the 20inch. I know mixing the two of these together will not be easy but with how far I can go (Two maybe start the third) I don’t think it will take to much out of me. I’m gonna do a one rep max today and a run though on the wod to get feel for it and a feel for switching out my weights just to see where I’m at. And run I have to run today!!! Can’t start slacking now on running I just started getting better. Ugh. But I still don’t like it! When will I like it? Will I ever like it? 😦


On another note.. A very exciting one at least for me… I just ordered this bad boy! My Rouge Bella Bar!!! I’m so excited! I’ve wanted a womens bar for a minute! The male bar is fine but sometimes I like the womens bar. I hate just putting 5’s on the 45 to make 55. I like to have plates on it. And I’ve gone up alot with weights but not with everything and I want to get stuff down were I can do a few reps the same way each time and know I’m doing it right before I go up. We got the whole set so some more weight. Made sense it was a better deal and when we move we would need to order more weights anyways b/c most of them that we have our my friends. We also got a weight rack, I got a purple band (I’m so close with my pullups!) and a 16lb wall ball. As soon as that baby get’s here I’m doing Karen with it! (150 Wallballs) I am that weird person who likes wallballs!


Question of the day! What do you think of 14.3 and how did 14.2 go? I got 10 Overheads! My goal was 1-3 of them so I was really really really happy with my 10! Overheads will be worked on! I can’t wait to see how far I make it in this one!



Today’s WOD was good I got 17 burpee box jumps and Brian got 35. It was only a five minute WOD but It was five intense minutes. I figured it would be when our coach said before it started “It’s only five minutes, how bad could it be?” I knew after that it was going to be bad! lol Now on the the link I posted I saw this on a friends page and loved it so if you get a chance check this out! I’m going to assume because I know we all think a lot alike that y’all will love this as much as me. πŸ™‚ Let me know what you think! I just made my husband sit down and read it and he really liked it.