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Happy New years all my AMAZING blog followers! I hope y’all had a happy and safe New Year! My husband and I rocked out our Midnight WOD. It was a 20:14 minute amrap- 1 hsp ( I used 2 abmatts ) 1 heavy deadlift, 20 Pull ups, 14 bar over burpees. I got 4 Plus 32. I’m pretty sure if we would have done that during the day the outcome would have been better. lol My husband and I haven’t been up at midnight in a while! I know the box that we have been going to down here is doing a new years wod today we can not make it because today is our Christmas but they have open gym on Friday so that one will also get done! Okay sorry this is going to be short and sweet but I have to get back to my family! πŸ™‚

Oh Btw! My NewYears resolutions No Drinking untill the Garage Games!!!! Starting…. NOW! πŸ™‚


Question of the day???

What did y’all do for New Years?!?! Was it fitness related or are we the only crazy ones out there?!? Do you have any resolutions?

Morning all my Blog followers! Sorry I have been MIA on here the past few days! I’m not really sure how much I’ll be on here this week either. Our Vacation started Christmas Day and we will end the 4th. And even tho we have been on vacation we have not been slacking at all with crossfit. We found a box in Orlando (Crossfit OCD) that we love! If you live in Orlando I recommend them 100%! The owner is great, The gym is great and the wods he does are hard! And if you are in to the competing mode of crossfit then you crave the hard wods. He makes you work if you want to RX the wod. And that is how it is at our home box so to be able to find it here also was great. We also found out what the first 2 WODs will be for the Garage Games!!!! We did a practice run though the other day and will be doing it again soon! The first WOD is 4 minute AMRAP of ascending Ladder Power cleans (75lbs) and Burpees, And then you get a one minute rest in between and the next is 21-15-9 KB (35lbs) And Wallballs (14lbs). It kicks your butt! Soooo Did y’all have a great Christmas?! And did Santa bring you everything you wanted? What was your Favorite gift? So far mine has been this vacation! lol We are doing our christmas New years day so I’ll have to update y’all. Well here are a few pics of our how week has been going so far! πŸ™‚









I’m so excited it’s Christmas Eve! Bryden will have his first Christmas eve and Christmas here and then we are going to Orlando and he will have another one down there! Santa got a letter to let him know that Bryden would be down there! πŸ˜‰ Two Birthday celebrations two Christmas celebrations what a lucky baby! Hopefully I can have self-control and not eat to many cookies and rice crispy treats! I hope y’all have safe and great holidays. I’m sure I will post a couple of times from Orlando but I’m not sure how many. Okay I have to get going I have so much to do! I’ll leave you with a few pictures from our lights night. πŸ™‚







I can not believe that Christmas is days away! The last couple months have flown by! I have to pack at some point. And do laundry so I can pack. And clean. Geeez too much to do. So the past few days have been all about partner fun! Friday was a partner wod I was glad b/c it was my last workout with my friend Megan before she left for her Christmas Vacation. We kicked butt of course b/c we are pretty awesome πŸ˜‰ And then yesterday was another partner wod that I got to do with my husband and again did pretty bad ass due to another awesome partner! Well really the best partner ever πŸ˜‰ Today is a mystery we wont know the WOD until we show up. Last Sunday it was a partner wod and It made my legs non usable for days. lol So I hope this Sunday is just as good! OHHH And I can’t forget to tell ya’ll!!! We are going to do a WOD New Years Eve!!! A box in Orlando (We’ll be there visiting family for the holidays) will be hosting a midnight wod! I’m so excited! I hope it’s a gooooooood HARD one! I’ve been trying to keep up with boxes in Orlando b/c I knew we would have to hit them up while we are there. We have now less than 2 month until the Garage games so this is not the time to take a ton of time off. This is crunch time!

Fridays WOD-

20 Minute EMOM: 3 Sumo Deadlift High-Pull

WOD: Partner WOD
10 Minute AMRAP:
10 Ball Slams (30/20)
10 Double Unders (40 singles)
10 Burpees
Partners alternate rounds

3 Minute Hold of Front Plank

Megan and I got 8 Plus 22 RX

Saturday’s WOD

I did the fundamentals class at 830- Worked on kipping, pull ups, T2b, did a mini wod and then relaxed a little bit in between classes until my husband got there, when he got there we ran a mile before the class started (I really have to work on my running for Feb!) Then then the next class started at 10. Saturday is my long day at the gym. And I’m not gonna lie. I love it.

WOD: Team Strongman

1 member works while the other rests
50 Stone-2-Shoulder
50 Deadlift (225/165)
10 Tire Flips
50 Clean and Jerk (135/95)
50 Meter Prowler Push
50 Meter Farmer’s Carry

Brian and I finished in 19:15 S

Sunday Fun Day WOD- Coming soon!



We just got back from our cruise yesterday. It was sad! 😦 But on the plus side we already started planning our next cruise and we are still on vacation until Saturday. Here’s a small preview and just a small post. My husband really want’s to stay computer free this last part of our vacation also. We had a great time, did crossfit, made our own WOD one day on the boat and I knocked out the 300 burpee Challenge! I managed to do it in just under one hour! 59:14! My husband had hurt his knee half way and was not happy that he could not finish so he will be doing his later this week and I will be doing them again! :/ Its so much easier if you have someone doing them with you and I wont let him do them by himself. That’s alot of burpees! We found a couple different boxes to check out while were in Orlando also so I’m excited about that ohhh and AX7 on Wednesday!!!!! I cant wait Avenged Sevenfold is one of our favorite bands!!!! πŸ˜€ Okay everyone my husband is giving me a not nice look! Time to get off the computer! IMG_0380