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So I did my first open wod last night. I got to the box about a half hour early to practice to see just how bad the double unders were gonna suck. And don’t get me wrong they did suck. But no matter how I did on the wod it didn’t matter because in that half hour before the wod I got double unders!!!! It was so exciting!!!! A girl at the box I’m at for the week was watching me she came over and said keep your shoulders up and core strong. Of course I was sure I have done this already and it did not work. Nothing works. I was never gonna get double unders that’s just how that was gonna be. Double Single Double Single that was gonna be what I could do. Well I tried what she said anyways even tho I swear I have before, and how would this work anyways when I have had so many people tell me so many things about double unders to try to help me? Two simple things she said. I grabbed my rope, lifted my shoulders up, tightened my core and jumped. And I got 3 doubles. WHAT!?!?! I had to run across the gym to thank her and then pray that I didn’t lose them the next try! lol The next try I got 8! Hello Double unders! Who knew something so small could be so exciting! Now I don’t think this really helped me with the wod. Maybe alittle bit but they still killed me and under the pressure of everyone watching and being judged I could only do 3 max strung together. But like I said It didn’t matter because I was leaving the gym with a new PR something I wanted so bad for so long. So on to the open WOD I got 3 Rounds Plus 24. Not bad. I was hoping for at least 2 full rounds so 3 plus was good for me. Now I’m excited to see what the next Open WOD will be! I wish we didn’t have wait a week to find out! lol

Have any of y’all done the first wod yet? And How Did it go? Share!!! 🙂

Anyone else get Double unders for the first time because of this workout? It’s amazing how one workout can push you to do something you never could do!



Okay so my son’s birthday was yesterday and I wanted to try to get lots of cute pictures of him of course. It was just my Husband, Me and his Aunt Sara. So nothing big but we had a ton of fun! He’s going to get a round 2 when we go to Orlando in a couple of weeks with the grandparents! Lucky baby! But anyways. On to the pictures. I saw this idea on pinterest to fill the crib with balloons and the picture of the baby on pinterest was so cute! He was so happy! Now Bryden is always happy so I figured yay this would be perfect! NOPE this was one of those “Failed” Pinterest Pictures! LOL He was scared to death of the balloons! But we did get a million other really cute pictures and it was the first time Pinterest has failed me so I forgive it! lol We had to take yesterday off from the gym but we are going to do a Sunday Fun day WOD today. We still don’t know what it is. But it will be good. And it will be hard. Oh I also did before crossfit and after crossfit pictures on my facebook page if anyone wants to check them out! I was really happy yesterday after doing it b/c I didn’t relize the progress I have made! That link should bring you right to it! And feel free to like my fbook page also! I post some different stuff on there.

Okay here is the WOD from Friday-

In 15 minutes, work up to heavy single Back Squat

3 Rounds/1 Minute at each station per round
Double Unders
Hand release Push Ups
Box Jumps (24/20)
Pull Ups
Ab Mat Sit Ups

30 Superman Rocks

My Total was- 294
And I hit a new PR with my back squat! 105!!! I’m now in the triple digits!










So today is another Sunday rest day with the family! I love knowing every Saturday we do AM crossfit and then Sunday is always a rest day. I really love our weekends. Yesterday’s WOD’s were really good! I was pretty happy with the WOD that they had posted but after our warm up there was a bonus WOD on the white board! I got really excited! Yep, I am a dork! lol. Who gets super excited about a whole other workout? Yep this girl and her husband! So we ended up getting two good WOD’s in yesterday and it felt great! There was only about 5 of us that stayed to do the bonus. I thought it was crazy everyone else left, but whatever. 🙂 My husband ended up setting a new PR! He clean and jerked 165, 3 lbs over his body weight! I was so proud of him! 1185905_10201486499117022_642430790_n

Today I woke up determined to figure out what we would do on our cruise in October (20 days away! YAY). Normally I have it all figured out by now. For the most part we just figure out the best beaches and go relax at every port. We really like doing nothing on vacation. lol. For how much we workout and love it we tend to be lazy in other silly ways. Well anyways, I just decided to google crossfit and found a box in St.Thomas!
I checked with the times that we would be docked and emailed them to make sure that we would be good to do a drop in and everything is good to go! So we are officially going to do crossfit in St.Thomas! Other than that I still don’t know what beaches were going to or anything. lol. But hey, I have crossfit covered.
Well other than that stuff the only other thing we did was our normal Saturday football and had some good friends over. Oh and I made some really good muffins today! I posted pictures and the recipe already. I hope everyone had a good weekend! Early bed time tonight for me! I’ll be up nice and early tomorrow for the 6am class! 022