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Morning how is everyone doing?! We have been pretty busy but here are our wod’s from the last few days even with some pics! 😀

Did y’all do a Special wod for 9/11?

And any new PR’s?! I finally hit the 200’s for my deadlifts so that was pretty exciting!

Today’s wod should be pretty nice to my hands 🙂 Other then the strength but I’m going to wear my grips and tape my hands so hopefully that will not really bother them either.


Back Squat & Front Squats (Doing a 8 week program with both back and front squats and I’m the 4th week)

15 Minute AMRAP
20 Stationary Reverse Lunges
20 Box Jumps 20 (for all)
20 AMSUs


Okay so I came across this story this morning on and it’s great!!! I can say 100% that I have had Monkey Butt! lol Have you?

Monkey Butt, aka CrossFit Crack: A Pain in the Ass

During a sit-up, the area on your body that is most prone to rubbing is the area just above your bottom…

As CrossFitters, we are generally proud of our injuries. Not major ones of course, but the small stuff. Like hand tears from pull-ups or shin scrapes from deadlifts. We wear these boo-boos like badges of honor. We Instagram our wounds like a sorority girl does selfies. But there is one powerful plight that remains taboo, one malevolent maiming that misses social media: monkey butt, the silent ASSassin.

My CrossFit journey was still in its infancy when I became acquainted with monkey butt (MB). MB is not unlike food poisoning, sneaking up on you uninvited and rendering you utterly defeated and making mundane tasks (like sitting, for instance) monumental.
First of all, what is monkey butt? As far as CrossFit goes, I only know one way to get monkey butt — sit-ups. MB occurs when friction causes an abrasion to your skin. During a sit-up, the area on your body that is most prone to rubbing is the area just above your bottom… Basically the very top portion of your butt crack, the uppermost buttocks region. Multiple sit-ups combined with the grinding hard floor and sweat and perhaps abrasive clothing can create quite a raspberry above your bottom. Think of it as a skinned knee, but on your crack (also leading to the name “CrossFit Crack”). Sounds lovely, huh?

It’s not. Not at all.

Straight Misery

Monkey butt hurts! It hurts something fierce! Although nothing hurts like the initial MB discovery (more on that soon), everything hurts afterwards. Just taking a seat becomes a twelve-step program. First you have to squat down, then catch yourself with your hands to keep your bum elevated, then lower yourself gingerly onto one cheek and then slowly roll over into a seated position. This process takes approximately 15 seconds and will make the most manliest of men look like whimpering little babies. Believe me, I’ve been there.
Oh wait, did you think that’s the extent of the man card mangling? Nope! MB is a twisted, back country, inbred cousin of diaper rash. What’s a way to make diaper rash go away? Slather it with Desitin. What’s a way to help monkey butt go away? Lather yourself up with the same and smell like a diaper! Yay for manliness!

You don’t feel MB as it forms. You don’t feel your skin rubbing away. You don’t notice the raw meat above your butt. Oh, but you will notice it!
I discovered my monkey butt the same way most people do — in the shower. I have a certain way I get into the shower: I start facing the water and get my face and front side nice and warm and wet first. Then I turn around and get my back side. I let the water hit the back of my head and shoulders and then trickle down my back. And as the water trickles down, it contacts the lower half of my body….
Dear God, make it stop! Make the pain go away!
My first thought was that a viper had slithered out of the drain and embedded its fangs into my ass. No joke. I yelled. Or maybe screamed. I at least hollered, and it could’ve been partially a whimper. I thought I had just taken a bullet in my butt. It was one of the most intense, worst pains I had ever felt. Perhaps what made it the worst was I had no idea it was coming! (“Rains of Castamere,” anyone?) I’m pretty sure I took a crossbow bolt to the buttocks during that shower. Curse you, monkey butt!

I’ll Never Forget You, Monkey Butt

The first cut is the deepest. Did Sheryl Crow have MB when she wrote this song?? Maybe! All I know is that I will never forget what it felt like the first time the viper water hit my poor raw butt after a WOD of sit-ups. Each and every time I do sit-ups now, I will give myself a once-over in the mirror before entering the shower. If I notice some raw redness… I’m not sure what I’m going to do, perhaps just not shower and just Old Spice up or something.
Some people will stick a jug of milk under your nose and ask you if you think it smells bad or if it is spoiled. If it is truly spoiled milk, you’ll know. The smell is unmistakable. You know if the milk is spoiled. Monkey butt is the same way. If you think you’ve had MB, you haven’t had MB. You KNOW if you’ve had the monkey butt.

So what can you do to prevent monkey butt? You can use an AbMat when doing sit-ups do help relieve some of the pressure/friction between yourself and the floor. You can use a rolled up towel to sit on. You could probably do sit-ups in one of those doughnut things that shorter people use to help see over the steering wheel when driving. You can use the anti-chafe balm that runners use. There’s even some anti monkey butt powder! Remember — and this is especially true for MB — an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Monkey butt, the bane of sit-ups everywhere. This has been a public service announcement. You have been warned. Monkey butt is real, it exists, and it will sneak up on you and literally bite you in the ass.

**Author’s Note: I was made aware post-issuance that The First Cut Is The Deepest was actually written by Cat Stevens, not Sheryl Crow. Thanks @laurabygaslight!**
“Miserable, Mysterious, Memorable, Monkey Butt” first appeared at is a personal blog chronicling a new CrossFitter’s journey into CrossFit and life. Check it out! Follow Chris on Twitter at @ifailedfran.


So this is the third day of Abmat sit ups. 😦 I would be okay if we didn’t do them when we did the death of card’s wod outside with no mat. That was a badddd idea. And now every day just seems to add insult to injury. Oh well. Hopefully fingers crossed after today no more for the rest of the week. lol Yesterday’s WOD sucked!!!! My time was 28:22 and I only got the time I got because one of our coaches was doing it and started his last 800 when I started mine, I started to walk for a minute and that didn’t fly he pushed me the whole run. Not a fan at the time but appreciated it after! 🙂 But wow it kicked my butt yesterday. Hopefully today goes better! I’m excited to see my new DL 1 rep max. Oh Oh Oh today also starts my 10 day count down until my Birthday!!! 😀

Today’s WOD-

In 12 minutes, work up to a heavy single Deadlift

12 Minute AMRAP of:
20 Hand Release Push Ups
30 AbMat Sit Ups
40 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

Work on Double/Triple Unders for 10 minutes

Question of the day- If your doing a WOD and with say Overhead Squats and you can not do them without the bar pulling you backwards and losing balance- Would you A)Scale even if you already are not doing the RX still scale just a little bit more so you can do it right or B)Just switch to front squats something completely different?