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Well YaYYY for the first workout being out and not yay for the double unders!!! LOL the one thing I have not worked on! The last 3 months have been consumed by Garage Games WODs.  I have improved in my Squats, Burpees, Box Jumps, Wall Balls,KBS,Cleans,SquatCleans,Push Ups and Deadlifts. But not double unders! Eeeeek. I can do them just not connected so at the very least I should be able to get at least one full round hoping for more like 2 to 3 rounds. The Snatch part of the open is really just ground to over head. It doesn’t matter how you do it so I don’t know why they call it a snatch. Even tho I can do a 55lb snatch I think I will be clean and jerking it. 55lbs should be pretty easy! And yes I’m gonna go with the most easy effective way to knock those out since the double unders will consume alot of my time.  I’m doing the wod tonight. I wish it was Sunday or even Monday AM but I will deal. Crossfit is about being able to adapt and tackle any situation. So bring it on! I took yesterday off, well it was a active rest day. I ran and worked on my double unders (I had all intentions of working on them all week while I was in Orlando I had no idea they would be in the first wod! lol I just knew I needed to get them! That and I’m still working on my running! I’m sick of being the slowest one at our gym! So weakness’s are going to get tackled and demolished!) But anyways where I was going with yesterday was I took it off b/c the wod the day before (If you don’t remember it was 100 rounds for time- Clean, Push Press,Front rack Lunge Right Leg, Front Rack Lunge Left Leg) Yea That killed me! I don’t think my butt has ever EVER been so sore. So it was either take the day off so I would be more ready for today or go yesterday and pray my body wouldn’t be toast for the open wod today! I think I made the right choice! Okay I have to get off here and get ready for today!

What are y’alls thoughts on the first open wod? I think its a good one. Not to hard so everyone should be able to get reps. Even if you dont have double unders (Like me!) I can still get them just not together. I will just do one pause and then do another. And I think the 55lbs is very do able.

If you have done it before how do you feel about the repeate? I think its a good thing b/c I like redoing wod and seeing my improvement but I know some people feel different I would love to hear y’alls thoughts on it.


Today’s Wod was a good one! I started with (Or should I say I wanted to start with 55) But what I started with was 65. My coach asked me to show him a round with the 55 and I thought if anything he was going to have me go lighter. Well after he watched he told me to start with 65! I looked at him like he was crazy but went and got the fives and powered though 50 rounds before I had to drop down to 55. My time was 48:50 and I could not move when I was done. lol. But it did feel great and this was all stuff I need to work on. The First open Wod comes out tomorrow!!! I’m so nervous there’s going to be some movement that I wont be able todo. But I will rock out whatever it is and put everything I have into it.

Question of the day!?!

Are you doing the Open? If you are have you done it before?!

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Okay I have to stop slacking with this! It’s pretty much my crossfit journal if I don’t keep up with it how will I remember what I did when I did it and with what weights? I’m better. No more shingles. No more crazy Garage Games Training. So no excuses to be slacking lol. I decided last minute that I was going to go to Orlando while my husband is away on training so I could relax and de stress from the last couple months. It was a very good idea b/c I’m already feeling much better! I have a great box I go to while I’m here so major bonus! Yesterday we did pretty much a 600 rep wod. It took me 40:41 and when I finished it, it felt great! I’m taking toady off as a rest day since I have only had 2 days off in the last 9. Ooops. But in my defense one of the 9 days I only ran and did 2 one rep max’s so that really didn’t count so almost like I had 3 rest days. I do think I will run today. I hate running and really started working on it the last 2 or 3 weeks before the garage games and It got a little better. I wish I would have started when I wanted to but I really don’t like running so I put it off till the last second. But now I’m determined to make this weakness into a strength instead. I want to start hill sprints, beach sprints, running using our weighted vest. I don’t know if I will ever like it but I will get a lot better! Okay on to what my last two wod’s were and how I did 🙂

Saturday’s WOD


I did the Burpees in 10:41 and the Wod in 27:30 I used 95lbs for DL and 45 (Only the bar 😦 ) For my Bench Press.

I had to take Sunday Off b/c that was my day Driving to Orlando. 6Hr car ride with a one year old in the rain the whole way. Not really a day off. lol

Mondays WOD


Okay I did 85 For DL (10lbs away from the RX weight!!!) 55 for HCleans and 45/35 for Push Press (I need alot of work on my overhead stuff) Took me 40:41

I love this video it is so true and so funny! lol

And with this one I was suppose to be doing squat cleans but 75 was still a little bit to much for me so I was doing front squats. I didn’t even realize it while I was doing them. lol

I preloaded for every clean. Drives me crazy watching it b/c I stopped do that in the gym I don’t know what happened. 😦


Sooooo.. How did the Garage games go? GREAT! I had a great time, I’m happy with where I placed and I cant wait to do it again! WOW talk about addicting! lol I placed 43 out of 70. Not to shabby because I have only been doing crossfit 100 percent committed for 6 months and we started off with a big competition and with scaled instead of Beginner. And thank god I did scaled because I think I would have been very sad if I would have done less then that. Scaled was hard but I liked that challenge! I had faster time’s with all 3 Wods. So I was also happy with that. But I think that is the case for pretty much everyone there. My husband did great also! The next one we do we are gonna do a team me and him! I can’t wait. Its not until October so we will be ready to kill it by then! It was pretty funny, on our car ride back it was my husband, our friend Megan who also competed and I and we all agreed that we were taking a few days off. Well the next day my husband and I looked at each other and decided that we just wanted to run. Well then about 15 min’s later I was like “What if we do a easy Wod?” You know something not to crazy. And even tho he wanted the day off other then running he did not fight me. So we end up down there and about 10 min’s after we start working on some 1rm’s Megan pulls up! LOL None of took the day off! But I did get a couple PR’s! 105 Front Squat (5 lb Pr) And 115 Back Squat (15 lb PR) WOOOOP WOOOOOP!

Here are some pics from this past weekend! I also have a few videos and hopefully this weekend I should have a few more pics and videos!