e3ca4cfd71579e8c145f00a35b5ca210Okay its 530am and I am about ot head out the door to go rock out this WOD and may I add it is sooooo cold! I’m starting to wonder if I still live in SC or if I’m back in upstate Ny?!? It’s 35 out and of course there is a mile run at the start of the wod and one at the end. I not only hate running (But do need to work on it so I can’t complain to much about that part) But I hate hate hate hate more then anything the cold! lol I’m only two months away from competing for the first time at the Garage games so I cant slack and get back into bed and stay there all day! Okay enough complaining from me for today on to today’s WOD-

20 Minute EMOM: Hang Clean

Buy-In: Run 1 Mile
5 Rounds for Time of:
10 Push Press (95/65)
10 OH Lunge Steps (95/65)
Cash Out: Run 1 Mile

20 Meter Handstand Walk

  1. The cold is great for increasing your BMR and burning off that brown fat! 🙂

  2. rachelaugh says:

    We were in single digits earlier this week….35 is a heat wave! (Wisconsin weather).

    Running outside when it’s cold is just no fun. It’s the absolute opposite of fun. Do you have snow?

    • boxgrl81 says:

      Nooooo at least not right now! The couple times we have got snow it closes everything down when Its just a light dusting. lol

      • rachelaugh says:

        Snow at least makes the cold weather bearable….at least it’s kinda pretty! STAY WARM MY FRIEND!

      • hafless says:

        Its totally a mindset thing… And a cold weather thing 🙂 Minnesota and winter running, I make it a challenge against myself. Anything to get through those miles! A spring time race always helps get me through too!

  3. cathyo says:

    aside from all that running, it sounds like a great WOD! hope you didn’t freeze during the run!

  4. I have actually not been minding the cold runs, but I admit, I LOVE FLIP FLOPS!!!!

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