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Found this post on WOD planet and thought I would share! Who doesnt want to get better at wall balls?

5 Secrets to Success for Wall Balls by-Ryan M.
Found on WOD Planet

1.) Elbows In:

This is probably the most important factor in being able to string together unbroken wall balls. If the elbows are flared out, the shoulders will fatigue quickly. Instead, keep the elbows tight engaging the triceps and lats. This will make your wall ball shots far more efficient and allow you to get many more in a row.

2.) Hip Drive:

It’s only a 20 pound ball to a ten foot target. Surely anybody with a decent amount of strength could just toss the ball up there rep after rep right?? Well, we all know those reps add up quick! It’s true that you may be able to get away without maximizing hip drive, but in order to be as efficient as possible and save valuable energy, it’s important to use your hips during wall balls. Concentrate on driving out of the hole fast and with powerful hips – similar to the way you would on a thruster. Using your arms to throw the ball to the target will cause fatigue quickly. The hips are the strongest part of the body – use them.

3.) Target Touch:

This secret to success is related to #2. During a good wall ball, the arms are mostly along for the ride. The most important function of the arms is to control the ball on the way up and hit the target with accuracy. An athlete using good hip drive will be more than strong enough to throw the ball above the target. In order to stay smooth and consistent, focus on hitting the center of the target so you can get a consistent rebound and get into a rhythm.

4.) The hold:

One of the most common mistakes during wall balls is trying to hold the ball in front of the chest or abs. I was guilty of this mistake when I started doing wall balls. The problem with letting the ball drop is that it puts the back in a rounded position. It can also cause the athlete to drop the ball, engage the arms too much and lack depth on the squat portion of the wall ball. The athlete may not even realize that he or she is missing depth because it will feel like a full squat. Focus on keeping the ball right in front of your face (the bottom of the ball should be at or above the top of your chest) to maintain a good squat position.

5.) Know when to break:

Wall balls are one of those movements that are completed much more quickly when strung together as opposed to being broken up. That being said, few athletes will be able to complete a WOD like Karen (150 wall balls for time) unbroken. Practice wall ball sets during your skill work to see where your threshold is. It’s important to break BEFORE you hit that redline where you can no longer string multiple reps together. This tip takes some practice as well as knowing yourself as an athlete, but when applied correctly, it will drastically improve your score on the white board.


Good Morning Everyone!!! My husband and I just got back from a much-needed vacation and I feel so refreshed and ready to take on the world again! My vacation started with some good mommy and me time for the first week and then a 8 night cruise to the eastern Caribbean. We hit up St.Thomas again so we could get a good wod in during the cruise. We did Fight gone bad. I did increase my reps. Not by a ton but I also did fight gone bad the first time with a 10lb wallball and a 14 this time. So gotta factor that into my results. We also did 300 burpees for time. The first time we did it was last October on our cruise and my time was 59 Minutes this time I rocked them out in 38 minutes!!! Such a big improvement! BOOOOOOM! 🙂 We already booked our next cruise for next april and we will do them again I’m hoping for well under 30 minutes next time! It’s a year out so very realistic goal. I think. Oh and my husband and I did Karen 2 day’s ago. I’m proud to say that I knocked 2 minutes off my time!!!! 10:45!!! My goal is to get under 10 and I think I’m on my way to reaching it! Oh and it was with a 14lb wallball. Brian got 9:45 his goal is to get down under 8.












And now on to our exciting news!!!! We have been talking about this for quite a while now but have finally decided that this will be the best thing for our family and it’s all started to be in the works now. With in the next 1-2 years my husband will be leaving the airforce and joining either the national guard or the reserves. We plan on moving back to central Florida and opening our own box! Now this will be a slow process we want to do all the steps right and be successful and not just jump in to it and fail. My husband and I have known for years we wanted to do something fitness related when he got out of the military but this past year we have both fallen head over heals in love with crossfit and have such a strong passion for it. Being able to do something we both love so much together makes us pretty positive we will be successful. This week has been a week full of getting information as I’m sure the next few weeks will be so we can figure out our best option for doing this. The best thing that could happen is that my husband could get picked up for a year remote before we did this. That would mean Bryden and I moving to Orlando for the next year me able to work and save a ton of money before we got out. That would be the best. But we will see. I’ll keep y’all updated every step of the way! 🙂

Oh here’s our Wod for today. It’s a pretty good one and that’s good because we are going out of town again this weekend for a weekend concert.





Yup I don’t think the slacking will stop until after our cruise in a week. lol I have had so much going on and I feel like it’s pretty much never ending. But here are the last three wod’s I did and today is a rest day so yay… I’m caught up. lol


This one took me forever. lol I’m not sure what the time was I just know I finished and I used the blue band.


This one took me 14:30 I Rx’ed the deadlifts and used 55 for the rest.


Not sure on this one either of time (We seem to run into that issue in our home gym alot. 😦 ) But we did finish it all and I felt like I was gonna die. lol (But not as bad as at the end of 14.5!)


Okay so today’s plan of action is first to do the strength program I started with OCD front and back squats. It’s every Monday and Thursday but I had so much going on Thursday and Friday that today is just going to have to be the second day of it this week. And then I’m going to test out my OverHead Squats to see where I am for doing the open WOD tomorrow. I’m hoping maybe it wont be as bad as I think and I can get maybe 5 or 6? But really I will be happy with just getting one because the last time I did overhead squats (Granted it was 2 or 3 months ago) I did just the 35lb bar. So this is a pretty big jump and a PR for sure! I would hope with how much I have done the last few months that I should be able to do it? But I guess we will see soon!
Now on to the Wod that I’m going to do today.


I’ll update y’all later how today goes and how I feel tomorrow will go!

Question of the day!

What were you feeling when they announced 14.2? My stomach dropped b/c I knew 65 was not going to be light for me and I still use a band for my pull ups and if I did get a pull up there’s no way it would be chest to bar. But I also so a PR in my future for my overhead squats even without getting to pull ups if I do that I will be really happy. Last week I strung Double Unders for the first time ever b/c of the open so why not a 30lb PR. Never say Never. Right?


Yesterday’s WOD was the nail in the coffin. This past week has been so leg intensive! I have to take today off and I think I’m going to take tomorrow off also give my body a chance to recover! But I am going to run today. No slacking with the running. Hopefully I can improve it a little bit before Feb. 14th! Fingers crossed! Right now I’m pretty sure I’m the slowest person at our gym. Anyways. On to the WOD.

1000 Class Time Today.
Happy MLK Day!

15 Minutes to establish your 1 RM Box Jump for height.

15 Minute Time Cap
100 Back Squat 75/55
50 Front Squat 75/55
25 OHS 75/55

50 Double Unders

I did the Wod in 13:47 S. I was so happy I finished I really thought that I wasn’t even going to finish the back squats!

After the Wod my husband and I ran a mile also. I forgot to check the time so I’m not sure how that went other then it was cold and not fun.

Later yesterday we went for a nice walk also 🙂




So I am ready to go after a really nice rest day yesterday! My body needed it and I needed it. My husband and I watched the documentary about Michael Murphy it was a hour and 16 minutes and we watched a whole hour before we had to pause it. In the middle of the day! We haven’t been able to do that in so long it was nice! And after watching that I’m going to make sure any time we are going to do a Hero wod that I look into the story before we do it. Know your Why. Its important. After watching that yesterday I know when we do Murph I will be Pushing as hard as I can and will want to suffer during it in honor of him and my husband will be doing it in a 20lb vest this year. Today we are going to just workout in our gym. I found the WOD I’m going to do today and I think it will be a good one. We are on the final count down untill the Garage games. Less than a month now and I’m soooooooooo NERVOUS! But it is what it is. I’m training hard and eating right so hopefully it will go okay and if not it is the first time I’m competing! The next time will go better! 🙂 OKay on to today’s WOD!

Today’s WOD


15 minute Emom Front Squats
3 every minute

80s Baby
For time

Run 1 mile
80x Hand release burpees
70x Squats
60x Push-ups
50x Sit-ups
40x Wall ball (20#/14#)
30x Box jumps (24/20 inch)
20x Floor Wipers (per side) 135/95
10x Jumping lunges
Run 1 mile