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Yesterday’s wod was a good one! My husband and I intended to do a nice short but good wod yesterday because the day before we did a solid 65 minutes of non stop work. But that did not happen. lol We decided to go with a partner one and in the end it was a ton of fun but it was a solid 40:20 of work. So no short wod for us. But partner wods are the best!!!! And my partners kicked some major butt last night! πŸ˜‰


As a team of 3:
500 Calorie Row For Time
P1: Row
P2: 20 Wall Balls
P3: 200m Run

When partner 2 and 3 complete movements. All partners switch.

Time- 40:20


So Nancy was yesterday’s WOD. I did it in the middle of the day I think it was upper 80’s not sure if it hit 90 or not and pure sunshine for every one of my 400m run’s. I was not a fan of the sun at all. lol. Now the funny thing is 2 hours before I had gone to the pool to lay out and I would say the sun was out 30 percent of the time so I figured for sure it would not be out with how many clouds were in the sky for every last one of my runs. Well I was very wrong. Either way I rocked out Nancy. I did it in 19:41 with a 45lb bar. I think I could have maybe done 55 but each sett would have been broken a few times and I’m not 100% sure I was ready for that yet. Next time tho. And there will be a next time in the next few weeks.

This was my “I just killed a wod, I feel like I’m gonna Die, I hate Nancy, But you know I crossfit and we love to take pictures picture”. πŸ™‚ lol


10168105_1432849136965848_7788567994124950429_n (1)

I’m ready to give this one another go!!! Hopefully there will be no falling tonight and I can finish strong!!!! πŸ™‚

Here’s a couple pictures from Monthers Day weekend πŸ™‚






Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Canada East

Came across this on facebook last night and thought it was funny. It’s short but dead on! The link for it is I’m honestly not sure if there are other interesting article’s or not on this blog this is the only I have had a chance to read and mainly b/c it was on Facebook.

Here are the Top 5 reasons why CrossFit doesn’t make your pretty girl life any better.

5. Your friends no longer think you speak English.

Example: “Have you seen the WOD today? How many Cleans do we have to do? We’re going to work on our Snatch after class.”

4. Painted nails last as long as your WOD did.

The only alternative to keeping your nails painted is a gel manicure. Also realizing all the “regular” polishes you bought are virtually useless now.

3.Tougher skin.

I don’t mean metaphorically. I mean physically. Physically tougher skin. Cuts and bruises all over your body, and rips in your hands on the regular.

2. Jeans.

What are jeans even? You’ve probably abandoned these from your closet a long time ago when your ass went from no junk in the trunk to too much junk to fit in your trunk. Or something like that.

1. Clothing, period.

I used to be a Medium top and Small bottom. Now I’m a Small top and a Medium bottom. You just can’t win.


Good Morning Everyone!!! My husband and I just got back from a much-needed vacation and I feel so refreshed and ready to take on the world again! My vacation started with some good mommy and me time for the first week and then a 8 night cruise to the eastern Caribbean. We hit up St.Thomas again so we could get a good wod in during the cruise. We did Fight gone bad. I did increase my reps. Not by a ton but I also did fight gone bad the first time with a 10lb wallball and a 14 this time. So gotta factor that into my results. We also did 300 burpees for time. The first time we did it was last October on our cruise and my time was 59 Minutes this time I rocked them out in 38 minutes!!! Such a big improvement! BOOOOOOM! πŸ™‚ We already booked our next cruise for next april and we will do them again I’m hoping for well under 30 minutes next time! It’s a year out so very realistic goal. I think. Oh and my husband and I did Karen 2 day’s ago. I’m proud to say that I knocked 2 minutes off my time!!!! 10:45!!! My goal is to get under 10 and I think I’m on my way to reaching it! Oh and it was with a 14lb wallball. Brian got 9:45 his goal is to get down under 8.












And now on to our exciting news!!!! We have been talking about this for quite a while now but have finally decided that this will be the best thing for our family and it’s all started to be in the works now. With in the next 1-2 years my husband will be leaving the airforce and joining either the national guard or the reserves. We plan on moving back to central Florida and opening our own box! Now this will be a slow process we want to do all the steps right and be successful and not just jump in to it and fail. My husband and I have known for years we wanted to do something fitness related when he got out of the military but this past year we have both fallen head over heals in love with crossfit and have such a strong passion for it. Being able to do something we both love so much together makes us pretty positive we will be successful. This week has been a week full of getting information as I’m sure the next few weeks will be so we can figure out our best option for doing this. The best thing that could happen is that my husband could get picked up for a year remote before we did this. That would mean Bryden and I moving to Orlando for the next year me able to work and save a ton of money before we got out. That would be the best. But we will see. I’ll keep y’all updated every step of the way! πŸ™‚

Oh here’s our Wod for today. It’s a pretty good one and that’s good because we are going out of town again this weekend for a weekend concert.





Yup I don’t think the slacking will stop until after our cruise in a week. lol I have had so much going on and I feel like it’s pretty much never ending. But here are the last three wod’s I did and today is a rest day so yay… I’m caught up. lol


This one took me forever. lol I’m not sure what the time was I just know I finished and I used the blue band.


This one took me 14:30 I Rx’ed the deadlifts and used 55 for the rest.


Not sure on this one either of time (We seem to run into that issue in our home gym alot. 😦 ) But we did finish it all and I felt like I was gonna die. lol (But not as bad as at the end of 14.5!)