We just got back from our cruise yesterday. It was sad! 😦 But on the plus side we already started planning our next cruise and we are still on vacation until Saturday. Here’s a small preview and just a small post. My husband really want’s to stay computer free this last part of our vacation also. We had a great time, did crossfit, made our own WOD one day on the boat and I knocked out the 300 burpee Challenge! I managed to do it in just under one hour! 59:14! My husband had hurt his knee half way and was not happy that he could not finish so he will be doing his later this week and I will be doing them again! :/ Its so much easier if you have someone doing them with you and I wont let him do them by himself. That’s alot of burpees! We found a couple different boxes to check out while were in Orlando also so I’m excited about that ohhh and AX7 on Wednesday!!!!! I cant wait Avenged Sevenfold is one of our favorite bands!!!! 😀 Okay everyone my husband is giving me a not nice look! Time to get off the computer! IMG_0380





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