14.3 Finally a wod that I’m excited about! :)

Posted: March 14, 2014 in Nanos, Chalk, Determination
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Soooo my normal Thursday night consists of watching the clock tick by waiting for the 8 o’clock announcement about the open! When 730 hits I swear time stands still. lol Well anyways when this wod was announced I was pretty excited! Deadlifts are my thing! Iv’e been told now a couple times about my really good form and I love box jumps! I started using the 24 inch box for most of the wods I do even if it only calls for the 20inch. I know mixing the two of these together will not be easy but with how far I can go (Two maybe start the third) I don’t think it will take to much out of me. I’m gonna do a one rep max today and a run though on the wod to get feel for it and a feel for switching out my weights just to see where I’m at. And run I have to run today!!! Can’t start slacking now on running I just started getting better. Ugh. But I still don’t like it! When will I like it? Will I ever like it? 😦


On another note.. A very exciting one at least for me… I just ordered this bad boy! My Rouge Bella Bar!!! I’m so excited! I’ve wanted a womens bar for a minute! The male bar is fine but sometimes I like the womens bar. I hate just putting 5’s on the 45 to make 55. I like to have plates on it. And I’ve gone up alot with weights but not with everything and I want to get stuff down were I can do a few reps the same way each time and know I’m doing it right before I go up. We got the whole set so some more weight. Made sense it was a better deal and when we move we would need to order more weights anyways b/c most of them that we have our my friends. We also got a weight rack, I got a purple band (I’m so close with my pullups!) and a 16lb wall ball. As soon as that baby get’s here I’m doing Karen with it! (150 Wallballs) I am that weird person who likes wallballs!


Question of the day! What do you think of 14.3 and how did 14.2 go? I got 10 Overheads! My goal was 1-3 of them so I was really really really happy with my 10! Overheads will be worked on! I can’t wait to see how far I make it in this one!


  1. Corrie Anne says:

    That’s exciting!! I definitely like this wod better than 14.2!!! But I’m nervous about changing plates throughout. Good luck!!!

  2. fionaboger says:

    I’m so so excited for this WOD!! I think you just have to make sure you stack weights well so you don’t have to think, just move! I have heard that you should do step ups to save your posterior chain and it’s just as fast. We’ll see how that goes. I got 1 muscle up during 14.2 (though I got 2 practicing before, so I think I tird myself out) I was SUPER excited about that.

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