Yesterday’s WOD & Rest Day today!

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Nanos, Chalk, Determination
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Yesterday’s WOD was the nail in the coffin. This past week has been so leg intensive! I have to take today off and I think I’m going to take tomorrow off also give my body a chance to recover! But I am going to run today. No slacking with the running. Hopefully I can improve it a little bit before Feb. 14th! Fingers crossed! Right now I’m pretty sure I’m the slowest person at our gym. Anyways. On to the WOD.

1000 Class Time Today.
Happy MLK Day!

15 Minutes to establish your 1 RM Box Jump for height.

15 Minute Time Cap
100 Back Squat 75/55
50 Front Squat 75/55
25 OHS 75/55

50 Double Unders

I did the Wod in 13:47 S. I was so happy I finished I really thought that I wasn’t even going to finish the back squats!

After the Wod my husband and I ran a mile also. I forgot to check the time so I’m not sure how that went other then it was cold and not fun.

Later yesterday we went for a nice walk also 🙂



  1. Whew…I don’t think I could finish that in under 15….I was thinking the same thing…100 back squats! Nice work!

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