5 Quick Thoughts for Maximizing Your CrossFit Open Score

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Nanos, Chalk, Determination
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This is a great read if you are doing the open! I found this on http://www.tabatatimes.com/

*Author’s note: These tips apply to athletes who are serious about posting the best score possible (and/or aiming to qualify for Regionals). If the CrossFit Open is simply a fun challenge for you, then just have fun and hit the workout with your community and friends!

1. Don’t re-adjust your weights or collars! This one drives me insane. Have you ever caught yourself readjusting your plates and/or collars when they are completely fine? This is a mental break/weakness that you need to resist. If your plates are literally falling off the bar, that’s one thing, but a few inches away from the collar is NOT a reason to stop and retighten everything.
I’ve seen athletes waste up to 5 seconds a rep re-tightening their weights. In the case of the snatch ladder, this can mean up to 2 minutes of lost time!

2. You don’t need more chalk! You know who you are. Every time you go to pick up a barbell or jump to the pull up bar, you run to the chalk bucket to lather your hands in the white stuff. We see this often in athletes who are uncomfortable with chest to bar, snatches, and toes to bar. Trust me… the extra chalk isn’t going to magically make you a bodyweight ninja. Push through your mental block and get yourself up to 60 seconds of extra reps!

3. You’re not going to die of thirst! Oh you’re thirsty? I’m sorry… I thought you wanted to prove how ELITE your fitness is. Unless the workout is a 24-hour AMRAP — which is completely possible — you don’t need to drink any water during your WOD. Resist the urge to grab your water bottle and get yourself 20-80 seconds of extra reps!

4. Shirts or skins … not both! Do you start the workout with your shirt on only to remove it part way through? I’m not sure what you think is going to happen. Maybe you think you look like the hulk or that everyone will be impressed by your “Otter” tattoo, but removing your shirt in the middle of a workout is a solid way to cost yourself 5-15 precious seconds.

5. Plan on hitting them twice. Unless you’re a consistent Top 15 Regional level athlete, you better plan on hitting these workouts 2-3 times. Is this healthy? Heck NO! But we’re not concerned about health here. This is a sport and competing in a sport means dealing with some pain, discomfort, and an increased risk of injury. You can gain up to 10% on your score through experiencing how the workout “feels” and improving your game plan the second and third time through.

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