Today’s Wod was a good one! I started with (Or should I say I wanted to start with 55) But what I started with was 65. My coach asked me to show him a round with the 55 and I thought if anything he was going to have me go lighter. Well after he watched he told me to start with 65! I looked at him like he was crazy but went and got the fives and powered though 50 rounds before I had to drop down to 55. My time was 48:50 and I could not move when I was done. lol. But it did feel great and this was all stuff I need to work on. The First open Wod comes out tomorrow!!! I’m so nervous there’s going to be some movement that I wont be able todo. But I will rock out whatever it is and put everything I have into it.

Question of the day!?!

Are you doing the Open? If you are have you done it before?!

  1. jaclynkelley says:

    Wow! 100 RFT! That sounds like a tough WOD!!!

  2. kbodnov2 says:

    Sounds like a killer! Good job 😃

  3. Corrie Anne says:

    Nice work. I love a good barbell complex. Thats’ a lot of reps!! Just signed up for the Open for the first time!

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