Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Canada East

Came across this on facebook last night and thought it was funny. It’s short but dead on! The link for it is I’m honestly not sure if there are other interesting article’s or not on this blog this is the only I have had a chance to read and mainly b/c it was on Facebook.

Here are the Top 5 reasons why CrossFit doesn’t make your pretty girl life any better.

5. Your friends no longer think you speak English.

Example: “Have you seen the WOD today? How many Cleans do we have to do? We’re going to work on our Snatch after class.”

4. Painted nails last as long as your WOD did.

The only alternative to keeping your nails painted is a gel manicure. Also realizing all the “regular” polishes you bought are virtually useless now.

3.Tougher skin.

I don’t mean metaphorically. I mean physically. Physically tougher skin. Cuts and bruises all over your body, and rips in your hands on the regular.

2. Jeans.

What are jeans even? You’ve probably abandoned these from your closet a long time ago when your ass went from no junk in the trunk to too much junk to fit in your trunk. Or something like that.

1. Clothing, period.

I used to be a Medium top and Small bottom. Now I’m a Small top and a Medium bottom. You just can’t win.


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