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Sorry I have been MIA for over a week now. I have had a lot going on including my arm and elbow being in a lot of pain. I had a doctors apt last week and got told basically it was like tennis elbow. And with how hard I have been working it really didn’t surprise me. Well the next day my arm was covered with a rash so I had to go to a walk in clinic because it was the weekend and was told it was Shingles. (And this is apparently brought on by stress. Made sense with stuff going on right now and with the garage games coming up) This could not be a worse time for this to happen. Not only does it make you sleepy, it puts my arm in a ton of pain, I have to wrap it when I’m around my son or out and about b/c its catchy (You can not get shingles but if you have not had chicken pox that is what you would catch) the Garage games are in less than 2 weeks now. Sighhh. I’m still working out but it’s not easy for many reasons. I’m hoping that the meds start to work asap and that I have a short case of this. Short would be about 2 weeks but it can last up to 5-6 weeks. Even longer Sighhhhh. But This is also why I have not been on here. I’ve been resting whenever I can hoping to get rid of this. I hope y’all are doing good and hopefully I’ll be back to normal soon! Fingers crossed!