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This could not be more true! I love snatches. I think when you can do it right they are one of my favorite lifts to watch someone do. They just look pretty. But to do them. I think, no I know they are one of the hardest lifts to do! Ughhh I do not get along with them at all. I have 3 things that I have been struggling with the most. The first and the worst being Snatches, then Double Unders, and Overhead Squats. So I guess we’ll see how today’s wod goes. I would think the more I do them the better I will get. That is how it works right? lol

Today’s WOD

In 15 minutes, work to a heavy single Squat Snatch

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Reps of:
Power Snatch (75/55)
Bar-Over Burpees

3 minute hold of Side Planks


We got our ropes, We got our ropes, We got our ropes!!!!!!!! My husband and I are doing a Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy dance!!!!!!! Bring on the double unders!!!! lol. Oh If y’all have a chance please check out my Facebook page and Like it (if you do like it of course) 🙂 Thank you!

Today’s WOD


Bench Press
5 x 40%
5 x 50%
3 x 60%
3 x 70%
3 x 80%
3+ x 90%


For Time:
Descending Ladder (10-1) of:
Thrusters (95/75)
Pull Ups


Find max standing broad jump