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So I am ready to go after a really nice rest day yesterday! My body needed it and I needed it. My husband and I watched the documentary about Michael Murphy it was a hour and 16 minutes and we watched a whole hour before we had to pause it. In the middle of the day! We haven’t been able to do that in so long it was nice! And after watching that I’m going to make sure any time we are going to do a Hero wod that I look into the story before we do it. Know your Why. Its important. After watching that yesterday I know when we do Murph I will be Pushing as hard as I can and will want to suffer during it in honor of him and my husband will be doing it in a 20lb vest this year. Today we are going to just workout in our gym. I found the WOD I’m going to do today and I think it will be a good one. We are on the final count down untill the Garage games. Less than a month now and I’m soooooooooo NERVOUS! But it is what it is. I’m training hard and eating right so hopefully it will go okay and if not it is the first time I’m competing! The next time will go better! 🙂 OKay on to today’s WOD!

Today’s WOD


15 minute Emom Front Squats
3 every minute

80s Baby
For time

Run 1 mile
80x Hand release burpees
70x Squats
60x Push-ups
50x Sit-ups
40x Wall ball (20#/14#)
30x Box jumps (24/20 inch)
20x Floor Wipers (per side) 135/95
10x Jumping lunges
Run 1 mile

Morning all my Blog followers! Sorry I have been MIA on here the past few days! I’m not really sure how much I’ll be on here this week either. Our Vacation started Christmas Day and we will end the 4th. And even tho we have been on vacation we have not been slacking at all with crossfit. We found a box in Orlando (Crossfit OCD) that we love! If you live in Orlando I recommend them 100%! The owner is great, The gym is great and the wods he does are hard! And if you are in to the competing mode of crossfit then you crave the hard wods. He makes you work if you want to RX the wod. And that is how it is at our home box so to be able to find it here also was great. We also found out what the first 2 WODs will be for the Garage Games!!!! We did a practice run though the other day and will be doing it again soon! The first WOD is 4 minute AMRAP of ascending Ladder Power cleans (75lbs) and Burpees, And then you get a one minute rest in between and the next is 21-15-9 KB (35lbs) And Wallballs (14lbs). It kicks your butt! Soooo Did y’all have a great Christmas?! And did Santa bring you everything you wanted? What was your Favorite gift? So far mine has been this vacation! lol We are doing our christmas New years day so I’ll have to update y’all. Well here are a few pics of our how week has been going so far! 🙂











Okay so my son’s birthday was yesterday and I wanted to try to get lots of cute pictures of him of course. It was just my Husband, Me and his Aunt Sara. So nothing big but we had a ton of fun! He’s going to get a round 2 when we go to Orlando in a couple of weeks with the grandparents! Lucky baby! But anyways. On to the pictures. I saw this idea on pinterest to fill the crib with balloons and the picture of the baby on pinterest was so cute! He was so happy! Now Bryden is always happy so I figured yay this would be perfect! NOPE this was one of those “Failed” Pinterest Pictures! LOL He was scared to death of the balloons! But we did get a million other really cute pictures and it was the first time Pinterest has failed me so I forgive it! lol We had to take yesterday off from the gym but we are going to do a Sunday Fun day WOD today. We still don’t know what it is. But it will be good. And it will be hard. Oh I also did before crossfit and after crossfit pictures on my facebook page if anyone wants to check them out! I was really happy yesterday after doing it b/c I didn’t relize the progress I have made! That link should bring you right to it! And feel free to like my fbook page also! I post some different stuff on there.

Okay here is the WOD from Friday-

In 15 minutes, work up to heavy single Back Squat

3 Rounds/1 Minute at each station per round
Double Unders
Hand release Push Ups
Box Jumps (24/20)
Pull Ups
Ab Mat Sit Ups

30 Superman Rocks

My Total was- 294
And I hit a new PR with my back squat! 105!!! I’m now in the triple digits!










This could not be more true! I love snatches. I think when you can do it right they are one of my favorite lifts to watch someone do. They just look pretty. But to do them. I think, no I know they are one of the hardest lifts to do! Ughhh I do not get along with them at all. I have 3 things that I have been struggling with the most. The first and the worst being Snatches, then Double Unders, and Overhead Squats. So I guess we’ll see how today’s wod goes. I would think the more I do them the better I will get. That is how it works right? lol

Today’s WOD

In 15 minutes, work to a heavy single Squat Snatch

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Reps of:
Power Snatch (75/55)
Bar-Over Burpees

3 minute hold of Side Planks


So this was our First Sunday Fun day WOD- It was pretty crazy. But it was fun and we both did alot better then we thought we would! So it was a Success!

Sunday Fun Day WOD

100 HSP
100 Pull ups
100 Supermans
100 GHD Situps
100 Burpess
250 Lunges ( Per leg 500 total )
2500 Row
250 Squats

60 Minutes of work time
You could split stuff up how ever you wanted


Morning everyone!! I’m getting ready to go rock out today’s WOD nice and early! I really love my 6Am class and today is one of the only days this week I’m getting to do it!

10-8-6-4-2 Reps of: Thruster

8 rounds for each movement
20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest
Double Unders
Ball Slams (30/20)
Air Squats

25 GHD Sit Ups