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Happy new month y’all! Time for November goals!!! A couple of days late but that’s okay. Once again like I did for the September goals I’ll re post in December and let y’all know how I did. Accountability!

November goals

1. Okay of course my first one is going to be Drink at least 2 of my East Cooper glasses of water a day! I’m just going to add to this with to remember to take my vitamins every day also! I’ve really been slacking with those.

2. To use the Blue Band for pull ups!!!! By December I really think I should be to the blue band for pull ups! We go enough now that I do see why I wouldn’t be!

3. Paint my nails at least once. I always think to myself, “I am going to paint my nails!” Then I get distracted and do something else to keep myself busy. I think it is important to take time to relax and make yourself feel pretty. So this simple goal will be for me to paint my nails and be a lazy sometimes! 🙂

4. Breathing! I neeeed to work on my breathing so I can rock out these WODS better! This is a necessity that really needed to happen awhile ago!

5. And to go along with breathing Running! If I can get my breathing under control I need to work on my running! Now that it’s nicer I’m going to try to go for 1-2 runs a week. 618114c0e88a348918930d1dfc5f0621

6. Okay my last one is to find out my new height for box jumps. The last one I could do was 24 inches. I hoping I can put one Plate or even maybe two on it! crossfit-kids-page (1)

Okay everyone! Your turn! Accountability! What are your November Goals??? 🙂