Okay first of all I want to start my blog off by wishing a happy mothers day to all the amazing Momma’s out there! I hope y’all had a great weekend! I relaxed for the most part of my weekend other than doing coupons. My husband brought me to get brunch Saturday (A attempt to skip the crazy busyness of mothers day on Sunday) It worked. I mean it was still busy but no wait to get seated so that was a plus. I got a great present from son and husband. They got me a WOD Diary. It’s great it has a spot for everything plus is full of wods! And on top of that in the back of it he put pictures from my first mothers day when my son was still in my belly, from last year and this year 🙂 With little message’s that Bryden helped him write 😉 It was really sweet and I love love love it! My end to mothers day was just as good as it started we finished with a wod of my choice and getting a new 1rm for my back squat. I jumped up 10lbs! So i’m at 125 now! I’m pretty happy with that. I’m going to start using 130 tho for my percentages to hopefully help with a bigger jump next time. The wod I picked was Annie. I just got double unders for 14.1 and have not practiced them much at all. I’m really not sure how I still have them lol I figured that would be a good one and start off my double under practice. I’m going to try to do 100 DU’s everyday (on workout day’s not rest) as my warm up. Or part of my warm up I should say. It took me a little over 14 minutes to finish Annie. If you are not familiar with it, its 50 40 30 20 10 Double unders and AMSU. Hopefully when I redo this one in a month or so its a much better time. My husband killed it finishing in 10 Minutes.

How did Mothers day go for y’all?!? Any sweet stories you want to share?

Now on to GoFundMe.com. I had heard about this awhile back and have been seeing it pop up on my facebook feed more and more. Well this morning I took a minute to look at it and check out what it is and after checking it out I figured what could it hurt and made one for us. Here is the link if you want to check it out. I really don’t know what to expect from it but I guess we will see.

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