Happy Monday everyone!!!! Oh and St. Patricks day! 😉 I hope y’all had a great weekend and did some good wod’s! I did 14.3 Friday in our gym and then again Sunday in the gym that we go to. Friday I got 62 reps and I was okay with that, It was not great but at the same time 155 was heavy I was doing one rep at a time so I thought I tried my hardest. Well yesterday when I re did it I got 91 reps! Not only did I get past the point I was at Friday but I blew though it and sett a new 20 lb PR for my deadlift’s!!!! Wooooooop Woooooooop! Now I can’t wait to do a 1RM for my deadlift I know it will be even more! So far the open has had me setting PR’s every week I’m going to be really sad when I do the last open workout! How did this WOD go for y’all??? Did you get more then you thought? A new PR? What do you think the next one will be?!? My guess… Wall Balls, Burpees, Muscle ups, Thursters? That is all the stuff they have missed right? I would be okay with all of it other then the Muscle ups!


  1. WTG. I love PRs and in the middle of WOD, they are fantastic.

  2. fionaboger says:

    That’s a huge difference between first try and second try! Nice work!!

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