Good Morning Everyone!!!! How has y’alls week been going? Ours has been good and finally feels like were not quite as busy! It’s nice! Today is going to be another 2 a day wod day! Bring it!

Today’s WOD

15 Minutes to complete 25 reps of Back Squat in as few sets as possible at 75% of your 1 RM. If you do not know your 1 RM Back Squat, use this time to establish it.

12 Minute AMRAP
15 Weighted Step-ups (per leg) 35/25# 24/20″
15 C2B Pull-ups (Pull-ups must be C2B. You may scale by using bands, boxes, or jumping)
15 T2B

10 Unbroken Wall Balls 30/20

I got 2 Plus 20 I scaled pull ups with the red band and that was all. I should have scaled the 25lb plate it was no joke!

Wod 2

40 Minute Time Cap

800m Run
10 Wall Balls 30/20
20 Box Jumps 24/20
30 Front Squats 65/45

I got 28:14 RX (Yepppppp RX BABY!)

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Brian And Sara Killing a WOD in our Gym! 🙂


  1. rundelrun says:

    …. OOFT!!
    How does the bonus work? If you’re still breathing after the first WOD, the wall balls are their to finish you off? Beast Mode indeed!

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