8 Reasons why CrossFit will help you keep your new years resolution!!!

Posted: January 1, 2014 in Just Blogging, Nanos, Chalk, Determination
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8 Reasons why CrossFit will help you keep your new years resolution

by Josh Bobrowsky on December 31, 2012

1. You are not alone in with your goals- Step into a CrossFit class and you are now part of a group of people who are all working toward becoming better, more fit, loosing weight, more athletic and improving the quality of their lives.

In addition to having a built in peer group, you will have coaches who are dedicated to making sure you are on the right track.
It is much easier to attack a goal when you are surrounded by likeminded people. As a group you will have accountability, fun and support.

2. Amazing variety- Every day you step into a CrossFit gym (box) you are going to be doing something interesting and very different from the day before. This means you are more likely to stick with it and make great gains.

Physically, variety keeps your body guessing, causing you to make bigger progress with fewer plateaus.

Mentally, you will not get bored with the same routine over and over. The variety will keep your workouts interesting thus making you more likely to stick with the workout program.

3. You don’t have to be in shape to start- CrossFit is a great place to start your fitness journey. You do not need to be in great shape to start CrossFit. If you are new to fitness CrossFit is a great place to learn the correct form and movements to get you on the right track.

People of every athletic level are welcome and you will find this is a place filled with support. No matter what the workout is the trainers can customize it to your athletic level.

4. Personalized Training for an Affordable Price- The prices of CrossFit gyms varies across the country, most CrossFit gyms classes run between $10-20 per class. This is a great value when you have a small class with an instructor who is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Compare this with the price of an hour personal training session $60-$175 per hour and you can see the great value.

The training with your coach in CrossFit will make sure that you are both using the right form but also help you achieve your goals. This is especially helpful if your resolution is to not just lose pounds but also become a better athlete.

5. Combining Weights and Cardio- CrossFit combines weightlifting and cardio this means that you are going to get the benefits from both. When it comes to shedding pounds the fastest way to do it is combining these two elements of fitness together. More muscle mass burns more calories throughout the day, while cardio will burn calories on the spot.

6. It is Fun- CrossFit is not a boring workout where you sit on a treadmill or an elliptical machine. This is a workout that is a challenge, engaging that is going to push you to your limits while you have a great time. This is a place where you will have a great positive environment that is a place you look forward to spending your time rather than dread going.

7. CrossFit is a Sport- This is a real sport, with real prizes for the best athletes in the world. This is also one of the only sports that involves strength after college.

What I mean by that is that there are many sports people play though high school and college. However, after college there are very few sports for a strong man or woman to use their strength since there are almost not contract sports after college. This is where CrossFit is different. While CrossFit is not technically a contact sport, the explosive strength will help you excel in CrossFit much more than it would in a pickup game of basketball or in your local softball league

8. Goals Beyond Weight Loss- crossfit_weightlossIn CrossFit your goals are not limited to one-dimensional achievements like losing 15 pounds or benching 10 more pounds. People have amazing goals ranging from completing their first pull-up to climb mountains, to a first strict pushup to running a marathon, to competing in the CrossFit games.

What this means is you can choose the type of athlete you want to be, and be better than you ever thought possible. If you want to be a runner we can make you faster, if you want to be stronger we can make it happen, but we want you to have a goal that is going to improve the quality of your life and often a one dimensional goal that doesn’t make you more functional is not enough. That being said you may happen to lose that 15 pounds while you are training for your first 5k race, but we will be running right with you when you cross the finish line.

By Josh Bobrowsky —

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