Yep. That’s how most of my conversations start everyday! lol Sorry my Non. Crossfitter friends! Yesterday’s wod went better than expected. The squat snatches I had some help with and they still have a minute before I see improvement but my snatches for the wod. I added 10 lbs to what I normally would do, I did 45 instead of 35. Not a great improvement but I was happy with it and I was able to do them and feel like I was doing them right for the whole WOD! It did take me 12:45 to finish, I was the last again. But I don’t care. I finished and did more weight. And felt good with them for the first time ever. So overall I would call that WOD a success! Now hoping today’s goes good to! Here it is!

Today’s WOD

In 15 minutes, work up to a heavy single Deadlift

5 Rounds at a 5 minute start interval of:
10 Shoulder-2-Overhead (95/65)
Run 300 meters
Score = total time

3 minute hold of Superman

  1. sweatingforit says:

    I’m not a Cross Fitter but I love hearing about other people’s workouts. I can definitely relate to the “one time” questions. Most of mine start, this one time I was running…

  2. YAY deadlift!!!!! I am so jealous of that strength wod!!!

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