Hello December! November Goals Update and new December Goals :)

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Just Blogging, PR'S
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November Goals- Accountability!

November goals

1. Okay of course my first one is going to be Drink at least 2 of my East Cooper glasses of water a day! I’m just going to add to this with to remember to take my vitamins every day also! I’ve really been slacking with those.

Okay I drank my water for the most part… And did not do good with the vitamins.

2. To use the Blue Band for pull ups!!!! By December I really think I should be to the blue band for pull ups! We do enough now that I do see why I wouldn’t be!

Crushed this goal!!! I can do pull ups with the red band and I’m pretty sure I could do the purple band if I had kipping!

3. Paint my nails at least once. I always think to myself, “I am going to paint my nails!” Then I get distracted and do something else to keep myself busy. I think it is important to take time to relax and make yourself feel pretty. So this simple goal will be for me to paint my nails and be a lazy sometimes! 🙂

Never did this 😦

4. Breathing! I neeeed to work on my breathing so I can rock out these WODS better! This is a necessity that really needed to happen awhile ago!

Did work on this I think its getting better.

5. And to go along with breathing Running! If I can get my breathing under control I need to work on my running! Now that it’s nicer I’m going to try to go for 1-2 runs a week.

Did not do this. I really hate running. But I started working on my running a couple days ago and It will be in my December goals. I need to get running for the Garage games in Feb!

6. Okay my last one is to find out my new height for box jumps. The last one I could do was 24 inches. I hoping I can put one Plate or even maybe two on it!

Did this!! My new Max is 30 Inches!

Okay time for new goals!!!!

December’s GOALS-

1. Get all my Christmas shopping done by December 10th and not have to worry about last minute shopping. christmas-shopping1

2. Work on my Kipping and move on to the purple band or NO band for my pull ups!

3. Get my nails and feet done! Its very over due.

4. Water again.. (Continue to) drink plenty of water – as the holidays get closer and life in general gets busier and busier it can be increasingly hard to be mindful of water consumption. I usually have no problem remembering to drink up but staying well-hydrated is always a good goal to keep in mind for general wellness and to maintain optimum energy levels.

5. Be able to run two miles without stopping! I dont care if I have the fastest time I just want to be able to do it. images (2)

6. Work on my T2B and be able to Rx them in a workout.

Okay everyone! Your turn! Accountability! What are your December Goals??? And how did your November Goals Go? 1450133_10202080772053474_1454046789_n


  1. I love this idea and think it’s great that you go back and see how you did!

  2. Love this! It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable. Great work 🙂

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