Another Successful Sunday Family Fun Day!

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Just Blogging
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This has been a very eventful weekend! My in-laws were here until this morning, I had a ton of fun at crossfit Saturday! I love my new friends there! ❤ After crossfit we bought a new car, (you would think it would be an exciting thing but I cried at the dealership! I'm sure they thought I was some crazy girl! Who cry's when they are getting a brand new car? This girl that's who! And why? B/c I loved loved loved my car!!! My Lexus was my baby! But we had to make the adult decision and this lowered our car payments, regular gas, and gets better gas mileage! Being a grown up is not fun. Pictures will be coming later this week. ) And then today we went downtown (first time we've been down there for I think almost a year!) and we had a great time! Over all I think it was a pretty successful weekend and defiantly today was perfect! I love my family!







  1. This looks like Charleston, SC.

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