Yesterday’s WOD went okay- I got 9:14 not amazing but I’m still getting back in to after vacation. I’m very sore today and not looking forward to this one! lol But maybe it wont be so bad.

Today’s Wod


15 Minute EMOM
2 x Squat Snatch


10 x Snatch (115/85)
20 x Pull Ups
30 x Cal Row
40 x Box Jumps (24/20)
50 x Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
60 x KB Swings (53/35)
70 x Hand Release Push Ups
80 x Lunges (total)
90 x Double Unders
100 x Squats


Mobility Work


I started Making these- I had made a post but deleted it b/c I didnt like having a whole post about it. But If you are interested in one of these please let me know! 😉
This is a 8 ft. Set of 35 Miniature Rag lights perfect for football Fans. Awesome for your game day decorations. The ideas are endless. You can put them on your game day snack table, fireplace mantles, on hutches, around mirrors or draped over door ways. Also can be used on your Christmas tree, or in baskets, or draped thru your holiday decorations. These can be made for different sport teams, baby colors showers and holidays. 17$- Plus shipping (If interested let me know your zip and I can tell you how much shipping would be)







  1. boxgrl81 says:

    Update on today’s WOD- It KICKED my butt! I don’t think I was ready for that at 6AM! But it did feel great! 😉

  2. I usually really like the “chipper” type wod’s. They do look intimidating on the board but it’s an awesome feeling when you are done.

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