Okay to start with I found this picture and loved it! I love how anyone who does crossfit can really relate to a lot of the same stuff. And I love how it is a community everyone cheers everyone on and everyone is friends, so different then walking into a regular gym.

Okay on to our weekend! It’s been a great weekend. Brian’s parents came and came with lots of fun gifts! I have a pretty new plant for outside (hopefully its low maintenance I tend to kill plants 😦 ) I got a Reebok gift card for passing my Personal Trainer test (it’s going towards a new pair of 3.0 Nanos), Bri got a little lap top for school, and of course Bryden got lots of fun stuff. 001 We killed our WOD yesterday and even got a surprise for our warm up. Not only did we row 500, Run 300, Do a normal warm up after those, then we got to do burpees to the song Roxanne. They had a great time watching us. I give them props always finding new ways of torture! lol. Pretty much what we did was run in place to start with and every time you heard “Roxanne” You did a burpee (If you have heard this song, they say Roxanne ALOT!) at some point they switched to air squats instead of running place. Good times! My father in law came to check out what we do and he picked a good day to come! I think he was sweating when we were done with everything. lol When we got home I uploaded some new pictures my father in law took for us and I was amazed comparing them to a picture from 3 months ago! It’s amazing how crossfit has changed my body and really I couldn’t tell until I saw these two pictures! new1




The picture of Bryden and I was taken three months ago and then the other ones were taken yesterday. It is crazy the difference and just after three months I cant wait to see a picture in three more months!

After knocking out our WOD for the day


We had some really good family time the rest of the day.




I hope everyone had just as good of a weekend! 🙂

  1. Lil Mama says:

    Haha I’ve sooo done that warm up too!! So fun!

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