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So I realized today that I need to order some new jump ropes for me and Brian and I need to get double unders! Today was horrible! It was that workout that sent me home jump rope shopping! It was either 50 double unders or 200 singles! Okay do the math. Fifty double unders is 100 singles. You were pretty much getting punished if you couldn’t do double unders with a extra 100! 😦 We had five rounds to do so I did 1,000 singles. One thousand singles. That is allot. That was not including the five cleans and twenty hand release push-ups each round. I got my butt kicked today. Granted it did feel great but it made me so determined to practice double unders until I either master them or just can not jump anymore. Whatever comes first. Do any of y’all have a favorite rope? I heard about RX and was going to Google that. But please any advise is welcomed! Thank you! 🙂 Oh by the way my time for the WOD was 19:54! Under twenty minutes my goal!

  1. Double Unders suck so bad! omg last night I also had a fight with them!!! Keep practicing girl! And not sure what brand of jump rope I have all I know is that it is a speed rope, very skinny and whips the sh*t out of me. 😉

  2. I bought the jump rope where you can change out the actual rope, i have three different ones, I had to get the skinniest to finally get them and I just do them like 20 at a time.

  3. I’m with you. Double unders suck, but doing 4x the Rx amount in singles sucks more. I’ve gotten quite good at one double, one single, one double, one single, etc but still whip the hell out of my forearms and legs when I try all doubles. Good luck! A coach told me to try to keep my body rigid like a pencil rather than trying to tuck-jump. I found that useful…

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