My husband and I had such a great time at the Beach WOD today! It was a partner WOD with five sandbags per partners, one at a time you had to run down and bring back a sandbag after you got all five you had to run them back down to where they started at (one at a time). After that you had to run out in the water around the two poles and back and that was one round. (Each partner had to complete the run) We had to do 3 rounds! Oh I almost forgot there was a 50 burpee buy in and cash out. That was awesome. lol. After one round all I could think was “how am I going to finish this?” but as always it amazes me how much you are capable of doing that you don’t think you can do. Crossfit has taught me people under-estimate what their body is capable of doing all the time. Including me! So overall today’s workout was great. We had so much fun now its time for some football and baking! Im attempting a lighter pumpkin bread. So if it turns out good and my husband likes it there will be pictures and the recipe on here sometime tonight or tomorrow!

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