Tomorrow’s WOD

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Nanos, Chalk, Determination
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So Tomorrow my husband will be going with me no excuse’s so he better take a couple sleeping pills and get some sleep! I’m so excited for tomorrow’s WOD! Partner one’s are my favorite 🙂 I cant wait to rock this one out together!

Saturday’s WOD

10 Minute EMOM of:
Bear Complex

WOD: Partner WOD
1 partner works at a time; “resting” partner holds front plank position
50 x Snatches (85/65)
50 x Sit-2-Stands (20/14)
50 x Ball Slams (30/20)
Run 800 meters together

  1. rachelaugh says:

    Very excited to hear how it goes!!! Has your hubby been CF’ing with you for a while…or is this just a trial???


    • boxgrl81 says:

      He started really getting into it a couple months ago and I think it’s pretty much sucked him in now at this point. 🙂 I told him it would and he just didn’t seem to think it would. lol. But now we love doing it together.

  2. Working out together is an awesome way to see results! We do it whenever we can. Loving your posts! Just wanted to stop in and tell you we nominated you for a Liebster Award!

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