Everything backward?!?!

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Nanos, Chalk, Determination
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So I ended up doing crossfit by myself again today :/ Even tho Bri is back. But he does gets a “Get out of Crossfit Free card” sense he hasn’t had a chance to sleep more then a few hours. Hopefully tomorrow we will both be able to go if we can find someone to watch Bryden 🙂 But on to today’s Workout- The Good and the Bad! We’ll Start with the bad. Well our whole warm up was Backward’s! Geez! I love Jessica one of our Noon instructors but I swear she always has a start with a 300m run backward’s. Always! ( I can’t even remember the last time we did a normal 300m warm-up ) Well today she went one step farther and everything we did in the warm up other then Bar Hangs was backwards! And of course we also did inch worms ( Pretty sure one of her favorite things to have us do warming up ) And they were also backwards. When we did the WOD I figured out that I’m not quite ready to move on to the blue pull up band. That was kind of disappointing. But I am close. I could do a few with it but there’s no way I could have done today’s whole workout with it. And on to the good…. I did rock out my pull ups with the Green band so that made me pretty happy! I figured out that my 1 rep max for a Strict Press is 55. Not overly impressive but its my starting point and Im okay with that b/c I know it will go up. And overall I left the box feeling pretty happy and very accomplished and with some very not happy hands. :p

  1. rachelaugh says:

    backwards…that would be weird. (I try not to tell our box owner the weird things I read other boxes do….for fear that she’ll do that to us).

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