Running, Running and Eh more Running!

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Nanos, Chalk, Determination
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So todays WOD was a lot of running. I defiantly would not say I’m the fastest or best runner by far. Well really I hate it. But who knows maybe that will change. I am getting better b/c a couple months ago there’s no way I could have finished this. But I did every round with a little bit over a min left to rest before the next round started. Some how I pushed though the Pushup’s ( Also not very good at them. I have a ways to go on my upper body strength ) Squats were a breeze and I made the Official decision today that the next time we do pull-ups I’m going to start using the blue band for my pull-ups! So one step closer to a pull-up w/no band and one step closer to one of my Goals- A Muscle up! So Over all Great workout! Cant wait for the next one!!!!!

***Ohh So I had a moment today during the WOD “The moment when you realize your shoe is about to come untied and you about fall over trying to tie it as fast as possible before the next round so it doesn’t mess up your time!!!!” LOL Im pretty sure it was entertaining! But hey I cant have my time get messed up b/c of something silly like that! #noshame#timematters#crossfit

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