Rise And Shine

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Nanos, Chalk, Determination
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So While my husband has been out of town I have realized that I Loveee 6am Crossfit at my box! Who knew? I have never ever been a go to the gym in the morning girl! I started doing 8am spinning when I was cleared to workout again after I had Bryden and That took a minute to get use to! And I would definitely say I don’t love them. But I am now hooked to 6am workouts! I just wish there would be a way for me and Bri to go to them together when he got back but I’m pretty sure we have no way to swing that. And I know he’ll say that he wants nothing to-do with working out at 6am. But I know if he went once he would be hooked to. I swear crossfit is like a cult that just keeps sucking you in farther and farther. It amazes me the stuff I do now or want to-do now that I had no desire to-do before. And I LOVE IT!

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