okay here it goes…

Posted: August 19, 2013 in New To this! :)
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Okay So I am Brand New to this and not very computer Savvy! But lets get this started! I wanted to start this blog to inspire people to work towards their fitness goals and Crush them! 🙂 Me and my husband are very much into fitness and nutrition. I think we may drive our parents a little crazy being on them all the time to eat right and workout. But its just b/c we love them! I guess I’ll start with a little back ground on me and my family. My husbands name is Brian and he is the most amazing husband ever. And I know a lot of ppl may say that. But really he is the besttt. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have found him. He’s definitely got his hands full with me! lol. My husband is in the air force so we have seen the world thanks to them. We lived in Germany for 3 years and did a lot of traveling. We went to France, Belgium, Amsterdam, Munich, Italy, and Spain. While we did have a great time there we were definitely ready to move back to the states. We had some major Wal-Mart and Target withdrawals going on! We now live in Charleston SC . Its very pretty here and historic and only 6ish hours from all of our family in Orlando. ( That is the main goal of getting back to Florida ) We just had a Amazing Baby boy in December Bryden Cruz Hendrix. He is Amazingggg the best thing ever. Me and my Husband finally figured out what direction we also want our lives to head. Big Grown up Decisions were made this past year. My Husband is working towards his bachelor’s degree in Exercise science and I just got certified as a personal trainer (ACE) and want to work on a degree in nutrition and work on becoming a level one crossfit instructor. Our overall goal is to open our own gym. And I know we will do it. We make a great team. Lets see a few other Random things about us.. I also Coupon, ( Brian also helps with that! ) We love the beach, pool, lake really any way to be outdoors and active ( Even tho Im very guilty of just passing out in the sun also 🙂 ) We love to travel. We have been on hand full of cruises and even have one coming up in October! And I would say the only other major thing is our love for music. We have been to so many concerts and shows I couldnt even start to name all the bands we have seen. But I can say AX7 is one of our more fav. ones along with Tool, RiseAgainst and Korn.

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